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Buy YouTube Shares

Shares on YouTube: what you should know about it

YouTube has become very popular. Its level of popularity allows it to challenge the traditional television and get more and more wins, one after another. The video hosting’s audience is growing by leaps and bounds, and not only because you can find here whatever your heart desires. Most active users of YouTube value it for the opportunity to demonstrate their skills, share their thoughts, and promote a product to the masses. The especially gifted, except for promoters of some product, can realize their talents and monetize them. However, as with any kind of serious work, promotion on the red and white video service has a different, less positive side.

Creative people spend most of their time not on improving their skills, but on the troublesome and tedious promotion of their channel / clip / video. In addition to a lot of effort, this process requires serious knowledge. Understanding this indisputable truth, promoters of all stripes look for new ways that would shorten at least a little their path to fame on YouTube. And, as you might already guess, MRPOPULAR have a little-known and effective trick for you: to buy YouTube shares. In fact, this term means increasing the number next to “share” button that shows how many times a link to the video has been shared on third-party resources. However, the faceless numbers hide far greater benefits for the creator of the video.

Buying a lot of YouTube shares provides the following benefits:

  • Growing the audience through other social networks
  • Increasing the number of views
  • An influx of new subscribers if the video was interesting
  • Popularization of the channel as a whole

How it works

The thing is that the ranking algorithm is not meant to exclusively put videos in top lists for users. The ticket to recommendations is just the final part of the complex process of evaluating how interesting the content is. In other words, the AI’s resources are mainly used to process a video / channel statistics, which in a mathematical form reflect the audience’s real interest. This list, as already mentioned, includes the number of views, likes, comments and, of course, the number of shares you buy for other social networks and groups.

Moreover, some experts in determining the priority for these indicators say that the number of video shares plays no less important role than likes and views. There is a reason for such words, as a person needs to put in much more effort to share than, for example, to press the like button. And there can be only one reason to overcome such “difficulties”: a genuine interest in a video.

Marketing benefits in buying YouTube shares

Buying shares has a double benefit for video marketers.

The first wave of popularization spreads across social networks and groups, reaching the attention of more and more people. The efficiency of this promotion service can be multiplied by correctly choosing communities matching the target audience of your product. Once this condition is met, you can count on your shares being shared, which, as you know, increases the viral potential of your content.

The second wave of popularization is going, so to speak, in the opposite direction. Social network users who are interested in your product will definitely see your video on YouTube and be interested in the rest of your channel content. And do not hesitate to make your content attractive and interesting, soon you will get a solid batch of new subscribers.

Ultimately, buying a lot of YouTube shares will bring the following benefits to marketers:

  • An increase in reach and sales respectively
  • Improving a corporate or brand image
  • An increase in profits through small investments
  • Forming the audience’s steady interest in subsequent promotion campaigns


We hope that there are no more doubts left about the necessity of buying a lot of YouTube shares. We also hope that by explaining this topic to you, we are standing in a better light than our competitors. You’ve probably already understood this, which allows us to feel confident in you contacting us soon.