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Buy YouTube Comments

What buying YouTube comments means for a beginning vlogger

Almost everyone loves YouTube. This is understandable because everyone can find a video to their liking at any time, which is not tied to the TV schedule. However, there are more and more people for whom the popular video hosting becomes a means of income (and not a bad one) among the huge number of ordinary viewers. Starting any activity is exciting, and surely every beginner videoblogger was waiting for the first comment on his debut video without taking his eyes off the screen. But if YouTube promotion noobs perceive comments only as an assessment of their creativity, the veterans of its commercial aspect see a deeper meaning in users' responses.

Yes, the sharks of YouTube business need to see the full picture. Likes, views and buying YouTube comments - all this is a palette to illustrate your current popularity. And last paint you use just creates the background tone. At the first glance, it is immediately clear which color needs to be added in order for a channel to become attractive and interesting, since only these qualities are the key to successful promotion on YouTube. And if someone doesn’t like metaphors, let's face it – you shouldn’t underestimate buying comments. Because not only does it cause necessary psychological effects, which we’ll talk about a bit later. It also plays an important role for the YouTube ranking algorithm. As you known it, this virtual instance determines the position of your videos in the list of recommendations of unsubbed to you users.

How a large number of comments affects the viewer

As mentioned above, buying a lot of YouTube comments is important for the ranking algorithm. However, its effect on the viewer is much more valuable for organic promotion. In other words, the psychological effect that a person experiences at the sight of a large number of meaningful comments is more likely to ensure a flow of “real” and active subscribers to your channel. And here's why:

  • Our way of thinking works in such a way that a person gets the first impression not from the object itself, but from its more attention-grabbing surroundings. It is quite natural that under equal conditions from two videos, the one that will be viewed more is the one with more comments. At a subconscious level, attention immediately shifts to a noisy crowd, and only then you find out what is happening.
  • If you buy a lot of YouTube comments, your video is very likely to become viral. And trust us, according to the principles of herd behavior above, the video will be considered viral even before it is viewed. And as you already know, virality is the main feature of successful content. In addition, if a video is viewed, it is no longer important how much the author came close in his directorial skill to some James Cameron. The video was viewed, the view was counted, the promotion has worked.
  • Organic activity, which can be achieved if you buy a lot of comments, may be the final argument for convincing overly suspicious viewers. And there are more of them. Doubtful users make their own conclusions from discussing the issue. And as you’ve guessed it, you can gently push them to certain conclusions by disguising this fact with buying a significant amount of YouTube comments. But to the conclusion about usefulness of such service, you will surely come to yourself.

Is it possible to do it yourself?

It's not a secret that behind every comment should be a real user. Only then buying comments for videos makes sense. This means that in order to post multiple comments you will have to register the same amount of accounts. And from different IP addresses, since this condition has long been checked by the YouTube security algorithm. Suppose you managed to overcome such a difficult task, even for an advanced user. Then stock up with a set of SIM-cards corresponding to the number of accounts to confirm their registrations. When you imagine this inconvenient situation, do you really think that it’s worth the hassle?

You could mention freelancer services among questionable promotion methods if you’re still thinking about buying comments. Well, if your financial resources are so vast that a few failed experiments won’t make a difference, then this information will still be useful for you. Because negative experience is still experience. The same principle applies to free mutual services, which work on the principle “you follow me, I follow you”. In this case, the resources you ‘ll have to sacrifice will be your free time and energy. The unwillingness to buy YouTube comments will lead you to bad comments quality due to simple human laziness and irresponsibility. As you can see, a YouTube enthusiast, who has only an immeasurable desire to become popular in his mind, won’t be able to overcome such difficult problems himself. Although even a hypothetical probability of having superhuman talent cannot be ignored. Suppose miracles happen, and if such extraordinary people read up to these lines, you wasted your time, since divine talent will always find its own way. We hope all others made a conclusion of all of the above about how inconsistent self-promotion on YouTube is in comparison with buying YouTube comments offered by MRPOPULAR.

We will not be convincing the ever-suspicious reader of our high professionalism once again. People of this nature will surely find confirmation on the side, which, without any modesty is said about us quite a lot. Just once again we’ll state the facts: MRPOPULAR has at its disposal thousands of active accounts and a team of professional copywriters. These two tools allow us to guarantee impressive results while buying YouTube comments, and for a very small price. Contact us, we’re always happy to help you.