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homeYouTubecomment likes

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Buy YouTube Comment Likes

Buying YouTube comment likes in detail

Understanding all the subtleties of the YouTube ranking algorithm is the same as understanding the meaning of life. Everyone, who at least once questioned himself about how a video ends up in the recommendations, knows that views and likes with comments are the algorithm’s favorite food. From its abundance, it becomes generous and may let your content take the spotlight. However, not everyone is aware that seasoning for this dish is important as well. And today we’ll talk about one of them, which is rather hot and fueling the appetite. The topic of our article today will be how to buy YouTube comment likes.

How comment likes can help promotion

  • Ranking Factor. The omnipresent ranking algorithm is constantly changing. Recent innovations and improvements are primarily aimed at shady methods of promotion services. And as we know, recently, promoting a video by providing it with a large number of comments has become very popular. Often, these comments make no sense because their authors are soulless bots. But comments that have a lot of likes are regarded by the algorithm as evidence of the public’s interest in a video. However, you can buy YouTube comment likes as a secret weapon. More on that later.
  • Psychological factor. We have repeatedly said that the modern consumer is tired of ads. Apparently, this feeling made him extremely suspicious of any kind of reviews, comments, etc. He expects to see annoying advertising subtext in everything. However, man is a hostage to instincts, of which the “herd” one is the basis for formation of social behavior. Therefore, people tend to trust judgments already approved by the majority. And, as you may have already guessed, comments with a lot of bought likes will be perceived at a subconscious level as a more reliable evaluation. Now attention!

Buying a lot of YouTube comment likes moves it up in the comment section. Thus, the first comment to catch the eye of the audience will be the one with the most likes.

We hope you’ve realized the charm of this aspect, but the technique described above is just the beginning of buying YouTube comment likes. Next, we’ll show you how to make a truly powerful weapon for social media marketing out of it.

Secret Weapon

We often pay attention to the growing competition among beginner YouTube promoters. Google video hosting’s popularity has reached incredible extent. The audience has expanded almost to the size of the entire Earth’s population, so a huge influx of YouTube promoters of various goods, ideas or personalities is easily explained. The new visitors are doing their best to speed up their popularization. But since they don’t have enough experience and knowledge, they use only the old techniques: trying to raise the numbers of views, likes and subscribers. All these efforts are not appreciated by the algorithm since statistics are often improved in ways that are not commonly known. Buying YouTube comment likes can be an alternative and very efficient promotion tool.

Among the few methods of promotion on any social network, interaction with popular bloggers is considered one of the most effective. This process is usually based on significant investment, as popular people tend to sell their publicity for a lot of money. Such a materialistic and temporary friendship usually ends with a few second ad in the “star’s” content for a novice youtuber. But there is another way, which is still open for now. It works like this. Under a promoted video related to your topic, you write a comment with hidden advertising of your channel, then you put the approval signs on it. The text immediately reaches the top of the comment section, for subscribers of the popular author to see.

Promotion services with MRPOPULAR

The benefits are more than obvious. Your hidden ad is seen by your target audience, and the more popular the blogger whose video you commented on is, the bigger it is. There is nothing wrong with buying some YouTube comment likes because you may be surprised at how fast this promotion trick works. Do not hesitate! However, once again we draw your attention to the fact that you should hide your ad in the comment as best as you can, otherwise the blogger himself may ban you. Only professional copywriters can create a good disguised advertising review. And, as you know, such people can easily be found at MRPOPULAR.