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homeWeChatthumbs up

thumbs up WeChat

offers, low quality


thumbs up WeChat

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thumbs up WeChat

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thumbs up WeChat

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thumbs up WeChat

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thumbs up WeChat

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Buy "Thumbs Up" in WeChat

How to draw subscribers' attention to specific products or posts by buying "Thumbs Up" in WeChat

In China, WeChat is practically the air people breathe. This application combines a messenger, affordable shopping, tour booking, and entertainment. Over 1.2 billion people use this platform monthly. Most users are based in the People's Republic of China (PRC), but WeChat also has a relatively small audience in other countries. For example, in South Africa, around 5 million people have adopted the messenger, and WeChat Pay, a payment service, is used not only in China but also in over 20 other countries worldwide.

Why WeChat is the Best Sales Channel in China

The day of any Chinese individual starts not with coffee, as it is customary for Europeans, but by opening WeChat to read the news and check the weather. Then, they use WeChat Mobike to rent a bicycle for commuting to work. In the office, they connect to WeChat Work. During lunchtime, they visit a nearby store and make purchases, using WeChat Pay for payment.

On their day off, people in China use various WeChat mini-programs to book movie tickets, reserve tours and hotels, and meet new people. This application allows users to buy virtually anything. There are even special types of accounts that enable companies and entrepreneurs to find potential customers and sell them products of interest.

Foreign businessmen without a registered company in China are best suited to use a service account. It allows them to create their own online stores within WeChat, enable payments (only for verified accounts), publish messages as updates in user chat lists, and use push notifications.

If an entrepreneur has registered or is willing to register a company in the PRC, they can open a corporate account. With a legal entity status, new advertising opportunities become available. The business owner in China can successfully register in the Tencent advertising network, which has a wider reach than WeChat's advertising platform. However, the minimum top-up amount is five times higher—5000 yuan instead of 1000 yuan.

How Buying "Thumbs Up" Can Help You Sell Your Product

"Thumbs Up" is a familiar emotion for WeChat users. It is a way to express approval and support for a post's author. The more reactions received, the more likely other users will pay attention to the publication.

Let's say you have created the desired WeChat account and are posting news, promotions, and descriptions of products you want to sell. To highlight a specific application, you can buy "Thumbs Up" for it. This will make it significantly more noticeable and attract maximum attention from customers.

Such a strategy is particularly suitable for promotional posts. For example, when you organize a sale related to a holiday or a shopping day. Such posts should not go unnoticed, as they benefit both customers (through discounts) and store owners (through increased sales).

You can also promote the campaign through official WeChat targeting. If you have everything you need and your topic is not prohibited by the rules, trying this type of advertising would be at least intriguing. It will allow you to understand through firsthand experience whether it is worth investing in this promotion method in the future or not.

Where to Order "Thumbs Up" for WeChat

You can purchase "Thumbs Up" reactions from the MRPOPULAR service. Several packages are available, varying in quality and price. Cheap "Thumbs Up" can be provided by both offers and live performers.

To place an order, select the desired package, insert the link to the post you want to boost, enter the number of reactions, and add it to the cart! Then, proceed to make the payment, and you can go about your business. The service will be delivered shortly.