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Buy WeChat comment likes

How to lure subscribers and customers from competitors with the help of buying likes for comments on WeChat

On WeChat, as in other instant messengers and social networks, there are ways to show support and interest of users in the published content. They are expressed in likes, comments, "thumbs ups", shares, and other metrics. Likes on comments are no exception, because they mean that other people support what a particular person has written. And this not only increases their confidence in their opinion, but can also help acquire new like-minded people or clients.

How cheap likes on comments can help a blogger or a company

Let's say you know where your target audience is based in WeChat. You have a list of competitor pages whose followers could become your buyers. How can you convince them to come over to you? You can leave comments from fake accounts with hidden advertising and a link to your profile. And then add more likes to such messages to make them stand out among others.

Subscribers and followers of competitors’ pages will see these liked comments, and if they like the content, they will do the target action. They will go to your account, read a few posts, then subscribe or even buy something. But that's the ideal scenario, of course. More modest results are also possible in the form of an increase in targeted traffic and real activity on the page. Whatever it is, the cost of such promotion is small, while the efficiency is substantial.

You can also buy likes for comments in your profile. Why? For example, if a nice review was left about your product or service, and you want to make it more noticeable. When a potential client opens a post with your offer, they will see some comments on it, one of which will be highlighted with many likes. Such opinions are read first, which lets you act proactively. That is, to form a positive impression of a product / service from the very first minutes.

5 features for business in the WeChat messenger

WeChat is being used by more and more large, medium and small companies. It is understandable, since the audience of this application exceeds one billion people. This is a gold mine for those who work with Chinese consumers in their own market.

The messenger developers offer businesses the following features:

  • Creating business accounts.

Pages can be subscription based, service and corporate. Subscription profiles can post content but cannot accept any payments or use push notifications. Service accounts are devoid of these shortcomings and have all the necessary business tools. In order to work with payments, you will need to verify (confirm) your profile. Only companies registered in the PRC can create corporate accounts.

  • Using other people's mini-apps and developing your own.

What are these programs? They are small apps inside the messenger. With their help, you can play games, shop, call a taxi or a doctor at home, publish and watch videos, order food delivery, rent a car, etc. If a company develops its own unique mini-app, then it will be able to quickly attract customers and earn decent money in the first weeks after launch.

  • Interact efficiently with your followers.

Entrepreneurs can post both articles and broadcast messages on their pages (subscription and service). This allows you to reach all users who open the app and let them know about promotions, sales, and discounts.

  • Accepting payments using the WeChat Pay platform.

    If someone decides to order a product or service from you, they can immediately pay for it using WeChat Pay. This is a payment service used by more than 900 million people from China. That is almost 90% of the Chinese messenger audience.

    • Official ads on WeChat.

    In order to convey their offer to a large number of users, companies use advertising within the messenger. It can be instantaneous, a banner, an article, as well as promote accounts or mini-apps.

Where you can get likes on WeChat comments

You can use the service of buying cheap likes in the MRPOPULAR service. Choose one of 3 packages, fill out a short form and pay for your order! Promote your business on WeChat the right way!