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homeTwitchvideo views

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video views Twitch

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video views Twitch

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Buy Twitch Video Views

How buying video views affects promotion

Twitch is becoming an increasingly popular platform. It is noteworthy that besides a huge gaming community passionately watching their favorite esports champions in real-time, there is a growing number of non-gaming streamers. The latter diversify the site’s content filling the modern viewer’s spectrum of interests. Thanks to its quick pace of popularization, in the near future Twitch can seriously compete with both traditional TV and the monopolist in the field of Internet video, well-known YouTube.

All these factors with a straightforward mechanism for stream monetization create a situation, where more and more creative people turn their attention to the alternative streaming and video hosting platform. The latter property is the one we’ll be focusing on since in this article we will try to see how buying Twitch video views affects the popularization process. And most importantly, how it differs from buying stream viewers.

Defining concepts

We were a little surprised by the results of our customers survey. It turns out that not all of them know that Twitch has a stream saving feature. When it is turned on, content goes right into the “Videos” and “Clips” channel sections. Interested viewers and channel followers can watch past streams at any time. Their views is what makes the counter go up.

  • Buy Twitch video views is a broad notion, but in this article, we will narrow it down to the number on the view counter of saved videos
  • Buy stream viewers is the number of viewers in a live stream (either simultaneously or when it was streamed)

So how can buying video views affect your promotion on Twitch? The answer is simple: the rating of your channel is determined by the number of views. And there is practically no difference for the ranking algorithm when these actions are performed: during the stream or after. The only advantage of buying viewers is that you increase your chances to become a partner. However, buying Twitch video views has an equal impact on the inclusion of a channel in the recommendations and the “interesting” section.

What having your channel’s banner in the “recommendations” section gives you

The “recommendations” and “interesting” sections on Twitch allow you to significantly expand your audience, which, as you understand, is equivalent to increasing profits. Moreover, since your channel is being recommended to users with similar interests, they will be very loyal to you. And this quality will definitely increase the number of viewers on your next streams. To be specific, these are the opportunities you get from buying video views for your content on Twitch:

  • buying views is the main factor for the ranking algorithm in sorting channels in tops and recommendations. After that, your channel’s banner will be seen by your target audience, which contributes to a huge increase of viewers
  • the indicator of buying views is a psychological factor of new Twitch users’ trust. Thanks to this clear sign, they will choose specifically your channel among a lot of others

You become popular bit by bit. And if you try to draw a metaphorical image, then these bits, like grains of sand falling in the hourglass bulb, turn into gold dust at the bottom, from which full-weight ingots melt. Forgive us for such a pretentious digression, but in our opinion this abstract picture clearly represents the value of buying Twitch video views in our imagination.

And if we delve into the realities of the fierce competition on the streaming service, then we can say this in favor of buying Twitch video views. Think of any game, where to achieve the top results you need to put all your effort to maximize your performance. Each +1 to the statistics gives a small, but still an advantage over your enemies or competitors. So, if you translate these numbers into buying video views, then in this case the statistics can be increased in dozens.

Promotion services with MRPOPULAR

If you are interested in buying Twitch video views, then this article is probably not the only one you found while studying the topic. Surfing the Internet waves has opened you a colorful picture: a lot of links with offers of similar services. We would not want to appear in your eyes as some insidious demonizers of our colleagues, but the truth is that most of our competitors are soulless apps.

There they will never tell you what is better for your promotion, which strategy is the most suitable for the theme and style of your streams. When you buy Twitch video views in such companies, you risk to get the opposite effect. As the security algorithm gets improved every day, it recognizes bots with ever higher accuracy. MRPOPULAR offer its customers a completely different approach, which guarantees a confident promotion on any social network or service.