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homeTwitchclip views

clip views Twitch

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clip views Twitch

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clip views Twitch

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clip views Twitch

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clip views Twitch

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Buy Twitch clip views

How to become a famous streamer by buying clip views on Twitch

People who are passionate about playing video games, or have unique creative skills, share them through streams. Streams are online broadcasts that gather thousands of real viewers from different countries.

Becoming a famous creator on the Twitch streaming platform is not easy though. This is due to the high competition of a huge number of people who want to gain fame and start making money on ads. When there are 3 spots, and there are 30 applicants for them, only three people will be lucky, and the rest will be out. In order to not rely on luck, a blogger can buy Twitch clip views and beat his competitors in no time.

3 ways to monetize your videos on Twitch

Before moving on to buying views, let's first find out what it is for. How can a streamer start making money from their videos?

  • Sponsored links in any part of the video.

When a channel is popular, its owner starts receiving offers from various brands or other bloggers. This is called paid advertising. A company gives a streamer a link to their site with goods or services, and he places it in the video. For this, he receives his earnings, and the advertiser receives real traffic and purchases with orders.

  • Audience donations.

If there are a lot of channel followers and subscribers, they do not skimp on the financial encouragement of their favorite blogger. Especially if the purpose of fundraising is indicated and the minimum amount is not defined. It means that anyone can donate any amount. Let’s say 20 people give 1 dollar to the streamer. There will always be one or two viewers who want to stand out from the rest and donate 100 or even more. Often in exchange for a small donation, the donor gets the opportunity to convey his message to the rest of the viewers, since his message is read out by the streamer or appears in the broadcast itself as text. So you can even advertise something.

  • 50% commission affiliate program.

Only a streamer with a huge number of real viewers can use this method. In the case of using the affiliate program, bloggers have to give half of the income received from advertising to Twitch. Perhaps that is why many streamers limit themselves to sponsored links and donations.

How views affect a streamer's Twitch channel

The more views a clip has, the higher this video is ranked on the platform. This allows you to stand out and not get lost among 6 million other bloggers. And those who know how to buy views can achieve monetization before their competitors.

How does it work? Let's say people come to your channel from search results within Twitch or through recommendations. If they see that your videos have 30 views, they will simply think that no one cares about your streams and close the page. Another thing is if your clips have been viewed by 100,000 people. It is a valid argument in favor of staying on the channel and getting to know your content.

To put it simply, social proof is back in action. That is, when people see that a video has already been viewed by tens of thousands of people, they think that there is something useful or funny about it, and they join the majority. When in fact, there were few real viewers before them, since most of the views were bought. But they are completely unaware of this thinking that the stats are real.

Improving channel statistics is another advantage of buying views. Before ordering advertising from a blogger, the advertiser studies his channel stats. If they are good and the price is not too high, then he will most likely make an offer. Artificially boosting the number of views helps even out the stats and convince a company or another creator that there is someone on the channel to watch their ads.

It is also worth considering that Twitch is tolerant to promotion services despite the fact that they are against its internal rules. This is due to the fact that the service makes money on streamers who manage to break into the TOP thanks to views and viewers. The platform starts making money after adding a creator to the affiliate program. And without an impressive number of views and other stats, this is simply impossible.

Where you can buy high-quality views for a Twitch clip

A streamer can buy views of any kind on MRPOPULAR. Starting from cheap offers and ending with expensive real views.

To place an order, you must fill out a form of 2 boxes:

  • Video link: insert the URL of the clip you want to promote.
  • Amount: manually specify the number of views.

After that, add your order to the cart and you can pay for it! The promotion services start working within 5 hours.