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Buy Telegram poll votes

How to win a contest by buying Telegram poll votes

Many communities regularly hold contests on social networks. The event object can be a photo, video, comment, or something else. The winner is determined by voting in polls. That is, whoever gets the most votes wins. In order not to rely on the luck that favors one out of 1000, you can buy votes and be guaranteed to become number 1. Of course, in most cases this is done not for the sake of taking the first place, but to receive a valuable prize.

How contests are organized on Telegram through polls

First, the organizer publishes the contest entries so that all channel or chat subscribers can see and rate them. Then a survey is created, each item of which corresponds to a specific work or its creator. People look through all the available entries and vote for the competition item that they liked. To do this, they are given from several hours to several days, and sometimes weeks. The winner is chosen based on the number of votes received. Therefore, it is very important to have as many of them as possible.

In some competitions, winners are determined by reactions. Let's say whoever has the most real reactions in the form of a heart or a thumbs up wins. If you participate in such an event, buy reactions from our service!

What prizes you can win in Telegram contests

It entirely depends on the contest organizer and their channel subject. Let's say you're a PC channel subscriber. What prize do you think the winner will receive? A computer is unlikely, since this is a very expensive gift. However a device like a flash drive or headphones is more likely.

If you are subscribed to a chat where people talk about fishing, and the community itself belongs to a fishing store, you could win a fishing rod. But if the business owner is not particularly generous, you will have to make do with a coil or fishing bait.

When contests are held on food-themed channels, the most common prizes are edible. For example: a set of sushi, pizza or, at best, dinner at a restaurant. The latter, by the way, can cost visitors up to 200 dollars. But if you become the winner of such a competitive event, you can dine for free.

Can you be disqualified due to buying poll votes

There is always such a risk, but with our help it is reduced to a minimum, almost to 0. Buying promotion services is an artificial increase in stats. This action is prohibited in all messengers and social networks. However, the defense mechanisms from this are far from perfect, so most of the bought votes go unnoticed by algorithms and real Telegram moderators. This means that people get rarely punished for this.

It's another matter if you overdo it with buying votes and the competition organizer or his assistants will bring you out in the open. There is nothing you can do about it, and you will simply be expelled from the participants and will not be able to continue to fight for the prize. To prevent this from happening, the promotion services should be even, gradual and carried out by the accounts that look as much as possible as real ones (with a human name and photo). This is how you can reduce the risks of disqualification to zero and become the real winner.

Don't forget about the number of votes in the poll. If there are 5,000 subscribers in a chat or a channel, and you buy yourself 10,000 votes, this will indicate that you have used promotion services. But what if it was not you who overdid it, but your opponent? Do not be afraid! They will most likely be removed from the competition. And if you end up second after them with a reasonable amount of votes, then the victory will be given to you.

Where you can order votes for a poll on Telegram

You can buy votes for the poll option you need in the MRPOPULAR service. To do this correctly, first select a vote category. In total, there are 3 of them:

  • Low quality.
  • Medium quality.
  • High quality.

It is clear that the better the quality level is, the higher the price will be.

Once you've chosen a category, click on it and fill out the form! To do this, indicate a link to the poll on Telegram, enter the voting option number and the amount of votes. After that, you just have to pay for the order and wait for it to be completed.