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Buy Telegram Channel Members

How buying Telegram members can help promote your channel

What first comes to mind when you hear “Telegram”? Sure, older people must think of a piece of paper with glued ribbons of printed words. Those who are younger recall the recent hype associated with the messenger’s ban and many activities done by both supporters and opponents of the Ministry of Communications decision. When Durov’s new hit gets mentioned, progressive teens think of a blue-and-white image of a multifunctional, modern, and very convenient tool for public communication. Moreover, all these epithets are just an addition to the main feature of Telegram: its high level of protection against hacking. It is no surprise that the messenger is steadily gaining popularity in the whole world. And by no means among the terrorists, as some government officials tend to think and say.

Many of Telegram members used to be active users of traditional social networks. But they got annoyed with the growing commercialization of the latter. This is understandable since the flashy advertising content overloads the news feed, making finding useful information in it even harder. The ability to receive “clean” content and communication without fear of being heard by a third party are the main distinguishing features of the Telegram audience. Its reach is quite impressive. For example, about 10-15% of friends see your post on Facebook. On Telegram, 95% of your members will see it. If you are interested in promoting something within such a unique community, then you just need to buy Telegram channel members.

However, the messenger’s key features make promotion on it fundamentally different from traditional social networks. The complete lack of a news feed as such perfectly illustrates our words. Paying for ads can’t bring the same results as buying Telegram channel members. Therefore, the undoubted advantages described above may complicate your self-promotion.

But no matter how difficult the path is, getting a lot of active subscribers who heed every word you say is definitely worth it. Since you are reading this text on our website, we need to add a few words about MRPOPULAR, which was created just so that you don’t need to think of these difficulties. Need to buy Telegram channel members? Contact us and you can stop reading here. And for the naive enthusiasts who prefer to overcome all difficulties on their own sparing no effort or money, the following will probably be useful.

Tips on self-promotion without buying Telegram channel members

We hope you’ve appreciated the courteous desire of MRPOPULAR to always provide our potential customers with a decent alternative. But to be honest, and this is our priority, this whole process will be beyond a beginner’s abilities. The process of promoting a Telegram channel will require a lot of time and effort even from an experienced social media specialist. However, if you want to try, go for it! We are sure that the sooner you realize how difficult it is, the faster you will contact us.

Further we will describe the most effective methods of self-promotion without buying Telegram channel members or subscribers. We have already said that the main problem of promoting a channel on Telegram are the very principles of the service. Durov’s creation is original in that it combines regular instant messengers mechanics and traditional “big” social networks in a unique way.

But if in the latter there is a ranking algorithm that displays a correctly presented post at the top of a news feed, then are no algorithms or feeds on Telegram at all. Thus, buying new members for your Telegram channel turns into a consistent and long-lasting personal communication with real people. However, the search system is not very straightforward. Users can find a channel they search for only by its name. Hence, here’s the first tip:

  • When Telegram users select a channel from the set of existing groups or channels, the first they see in the search result will be the one with the most matching name to their request. Therefore, try your best to match the search criteria. All that is needed is a correct, specific name that perfectly represents the main point of the channel. If you do it correctly, you’ll see an influx of new subscribers even without buying new members.
  • How interested your members are in your channel depends on the number of your posts per day. This is called the frequency of publication. This indicator should be between “the channel is dead and I’m unsubscribing” and “well, that's it, I’m tired of the spam and I’m unsubscribing”. Your self-promotion without buying Telegram channel members can be considered successful if your subscribers receive notifications about new messages at least once in two days, and no more than three per day. This balance is considered the most optimal.
  • You shouldn’t write a lot of text. This advice is explained by two reasons. First, the reader is lazy, so you need to use all your talent in order so he or she reads your post till the end. Second, do not forget that Telegram is still a messenger, so just by seeing a long message your reader will not be motivated to scroll through all of it. Your promotion without buying Telegram channel members will be successful if you learn how to write small (500 - 600 characters) posts starting with an eye-catching heading and interesting starting lines. Feel an urgent need to tell a longer story? Then use the "Telegraph" service, specifically created by the developers for longer posts. The role of attention-seekers will be played by the first lines of your text. In this case, you should reread everything written above more carefully. Your promotion without buying Telegram channel members will have at least some chances of success only if you follow these rules.
  • There are so-called supergroups on Telegram, where users communicate with each other in the chat format. Promotion using advertising posts in such groups is quite effective. But again, you will need to negotiate with its admins, and perhaps for money. Yes, you cannot get subscribers for free fast.
  • There are not many tips here, but they all work great. First, get the phones of your potential subscribers at any cost. You can do it on other social networks or in some other way. The only thing that’s left is to send them an invitation to join the group if they use the messenger, of course. Secondly, try using mutual promotion. You need to find groups or channels that are most relevant to your topic and negotiate on advertising among their subscribers to do this. Not for free, of course. Perhaps this is the only paid option for getting subscribers on Telegram without buying them.
  • If you have a lot of subscribers on other social networks, your channel promotion will be much faster. You can just place a link to the channel by discreetly putting it in some interesting post of yours.
  • Be sure to register your channel in as many catalogues as you can. Catalogues are sites, where existing groups and channels are listed and distributed according to the topic. Finding such resources is easy. If you don’t plan on combining buying Telegram channel members with using these catalogues, then your promotion will be very difficult.

Promotion services MRPOPULAR

MRPOPULAR. We’ve had all the tools described above in our arsenal for a long time. We’ve tested and used them in practice for many years. With our help, buying Telegram channel members will seem like an fun game to you, the reward of which is a steadily growing audience that will become a fertile soil for your successful work.