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Buy Telegram bot starts

How buying Telegram bot starts can increase ad revenue

What is a Telegram bot? In 2 words, it is a programmed robot. It does not have a real shell as it consists of code, but it can interact with people. Anything can be its tasks: informing about exchange rates, current or upcoming weather, selling digital goods, searching for people or music.

The user who starts such a bot becomes its subscriber. The more these launches there are, the larger its base becomes, which can be shown various ads. In order to reach the psychological mark of several thousand subscribers, the owners of Telegram bots buy starts. Then, they are able to show the statistics to advertisers who believe them, and they order ad posts or mailing lists.

How the number of bot launches affects ad revenue

Let's draw a parallel. Let's say you want to advertise your product or service. What do you pay attention to first when looking for advertising platforms? To as many subscribers as possible and that most of them are real and also meet your criteria. But the very first and main factor is quantity. The same applies to the Telegram bot.

If it has 50 starts, no one will order ads for such a tiny audience. And if 5,000 people started it, this bot can already be considered as a source of customer acquisition.

The more launches a bot has, the higher the ad fee can be set by its admin. For example, for a base with 5,000 subscribers, $10 for one ad or mailing campaign will be enough. If there are 20,000 people in the bot, the cost can increase to $40. Now imagine that you get ad offers at least 2 times a week (this is quite easy to achieve)! In a month, you can earn at least $400 with your bot by spending just a couple of minutes setting up and making posts.

Can an ad provider figure out that your starts are bought? No! Unless you yourself tell him about it, but we believe that this is not in your interests. However, be ready to not get repeat bot ad orders. That is, if you have bought all the starts. If you have bought only a part, and the rest is represented by real users, repeat orders are possible.

How to increase bot starts naturally

To save some money on promotion services and provide your Telegram bot with an influx of real subscribers, you can use bot catalogues. What it is? These are the resources that have collected most of the bots on Telegram. Anyone can add their bot to such a catalogue if they are the creator.

The adding principle is simple: you need to specify the link or bot username, then come up with a short name, description and click on the placement button. In some catalogues, you will need to verify the bot ownership.

What does adding a bot to the catalog do? It makes bots look powerful in the eyes of the search engines. This means that a bot added to these sites can get into the TOP results for a search query that fits its name / description. Google ranks such resources especially well.

In addition to catalogues, a bot can be advertised in the comments to top articles about bots in Telegram or a topic that suits you. It also does not hurt to share a link to the bot on social networks, record a short review for YouTube and try to make the video popular with the help of advertising or buying views.

But keep in mind that organic promotion can take a year or even several years. To speed up the process, we recommend buying a boost for bot starts!

Where you can order promotion for bot starts on Telegram

You can buy bot starts using the MRPOPULAR service. In this case, you are given a choice of audience quality (low, medium and high). If you want to mix real subscribers with bots, choose low quality as it is cheaper. If you need higher quality starts, pay attention to the “high” category.

To place an order, specify the link to the bot and the number of starts. After that, pay for the service and wait for it to be completed.