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followers Pinterest

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followers Pinterest

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followers Pinterest

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followers Pinterest

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followers Pinterest

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Buy Pinterest Followers

What advantages you get if you buy Pinterest followers

Pinterest is a great photo hosting service with the key elements of social networks. This comparison is by no means accidental since the service has several features that make it no less interesting than, say, Instagram. The first one is a clear system of dividing photo content by topics and interests, which makes it easier to find an image you are looking for. The second one is a nice design, a simple intuitive interface, and a high quality of uploaded photo files.

Another unique feature of Pinterest is a pronounced female focus. Among the fans of the service, about 80% is of the fairer sex, which is an amazing stat if you compare it to other social networks. This is the fact that makes Pinterest an excellent platform for expanding the target audience reach. It’s not hard to guess that the website has become an excellent alternative for expanding fashion industry companies, as well as all those who work with visual images. People start asking themselves more and more if they should do promotion on this vivid photo hosting. While the main component of this process is to buy Pinterest followers. About this, perhaps the most effective tool for promotion, we’ll tell a bit later. In the meantime, here’s a few lines about the service itself.

All you need to know about Pinterest

- Pinterest is an online service for storing and sharing images, implemented in a web-format and a mobile app.

- Photos on Pinterest are called pins (from the word “pin”), and the topic collections that are made by users are called boards (from the word “board”).

- By the end of 2016, the website took 50th place in terms of traffic, and this is not taking into account the mobile app users.

- The service provides an ability to easily share pins with followers, as well as post them on other social networks.

- 80% of the user community are women aged from 25-54 years.

The latter fact distinguishes the service from the rest of social platforms and makes it especially attractive for the beauty industry companies. The social media managers of various fashion labels spend a lot of their office time on promotion on this photo social network. In order to significantly reduce the consumption of such a valuable resource, they are increasingly resorting to buying Pinterest followers.

Pinterest terms

Pins are visualized ideas that can be found anywhere on the Internet and then saved to your account. Each pin can be provided with a detailed description. Such images from creators who buy a lot of followers end up in the recommendations feed, where a huge number of users see them.

Boards are a collection of saved pins of a certain topic set by the user. Boards can be sorted by giving them names and tags. These collections also get into the recommendations feed only if the content creator is quite popular. The latter feature can be affected by buying followers.

Profile is a personal storage of pins and boards. Together, they create your unique image expressed by the theme of your images. The profile shows how many followers you buy, how many people you follow, as well as all your image activity. The profile is publicly accessible. Except the part where you store the so-called secret boards, i.e. collections of pins with restricted access to other users.

Why you should buy Pinterest followers

As already mentioned, Pinterest is a full-fledged social network that has all the traditional attributes it’s supposed to. The goal of any social media promotion campaign is to make your advertising content visible to as many users of the service as possible. The only way to be visible to the members of the community who don’t follow you is to place your pin or board at the top of the recommendations feed. The ranking algorithm of Pinterest considers buying followers as the main factor for placing your image in the feed. In other words, the more followers you buy, the higher your pin is placed, and the wider reach of your target audience is.

There is another side effect though. Whenever a user first looks at a profile with a lot of followers, he becomes subconsciously interested in what attracted so many people. The intrigued user involuntarily visits your personal page where advertising pins are already waiting for him. And that’s another view, possibly a new follow. This is how you avoid buying followers by organically acquiring them, which is also quite good.

MRPOPULAR won't let you down

While it may appear simplistic at the first sight, Pinterest still has an effective system of protection against all kinds of inept people buying low-quality services. By using various bot programs that are recognized by several signs that are impossible to hide even theoretically, they get long-term bans.

The accounts that are used for the service of buying followers get banned and deleted by the security system with an extraordinary tenacity. This is why besides the higher chances of getting a ban, you still to risk to waste a lot of effort for nothing. MRPOPULAR has no issue with active and real accounts, and we have enough of them to make the service of buying Pinterest followers safe.