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  • The service is completed only by real people
Please be careful when specifying the link in the process of sending the order. Pay attention to what kind of link is required from you - to a page, profile, post, photo, channel, video or something else. In the event that the entered link turns out to be incorrect, invalid, completely absent or leading to blocked content, the refund is not provided. Whatever the specified link, the order will automatically be executed for it, even if the field for the link remains blank - in this case, the order will be executed by an empty link and obligations of the service for the implementation of this service will be deemed fulfilled in full, in full compliance with the description. The names of the services should be regarded solely as a marketing name; they are, in fact, neither a part of the description of the service, nor its integral part. Characteristics such as speed and start time of the order (which are announced in the description on the page of the service) are purely indicative, and in no case should not be interpreted as accurate indicators. We cannot guarantee that the order will start in the specified time period or that its speed will be such as specified. We cannot guarantee that the counters and indicators on your page, profile, post, photos, channel, video or anything else will change for the reason that the algorithms of a social network may cause the drop of the indicators, or might not count them in the first place. In the case of (both immediate and delayed in time) drop, the order is still considered fulfilled, since all obligations were fulfilled by the service. Please note that in this context, the algorithms of social networks that are combating with interference with the natural course of life of the social network - are a factor that gives our service the nature of the lottery. By purchasing this service, you are not buying the exact result. In case of unsatisfactory result there is no refund, and the obligations of the Website are considered to be fulfilled in full and in full compliance with the description.