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followers Likee

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followers Likee

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Buy Likee Followers

How to buy followers on Likee

There is only one way to quickly increase followers on Likee without getting banned: buy promotion from a pro. See for yourself, there are only three alternatives:

  • Natural Growth. You do not buy here anything here really, you just create content, share links and follow people yourself. Basically, you just follow and do not break any social network rules. The cons are that it’s long, time-consuming, and there will be almost no return: you spend a lot of time doing these things while you could be making even more cool content. At the same time, you get ten to twenty followers a day at most. People don’t really like to follow to little-known channels. It will be easier later of course. But it’s definitely better to start with buying services, you will save whole months;
  • Advertising. Direct, Ads, advertising from other bloggers is expensive and may not bring expected results. First, see above: users are reluctant to follow to empty channels. It would be nice to have a couple of thousand followers by the beginning of promotion. But where can you get them without buying them? Secondly, up to a third (or even half) of the popular bloggers audience can be bots. The ads get shown, and there are views on them. Everything is done according to the contract, but to no avail. Third, it's expensive. At times, it may be ten times more expensive than buying real followers from us;
  • Buy bots. This is the most direct way to getting banned, no doubt about that. Everyone sees bots: your followers, other bloggers, and of course, the algorithms of the social network itself. A careless decision to buy cheap subscribers on Likee will lead to your account getting ruined forever. It will either be banned, or everyone will realize that there are no real people here.

So, the best method both in terms of cost, time, and security for the account, remains buying a professional promotion of Likee followers. Offers or real: which followers to buy for Likee?

We have two promotion offers for you, which in fact are very similar to each other:

  • Offers. This is just a paid audience: people from our affiliate network who follow your page for a fee. Once again: it is real people with no bots, automation, fakes, and so on. All users that we attract have real active accounts, unique IP and MAC addresses. For the system and other users, they look absolutely realistic;
  • Real. These are the same real people as in the previous paragraph, but with one difference: we will select a truly relevant audience. That is, we will select users who are really interested in your content. Many of them will not only follow, but also watch something, like it, stay on your profile for a while. Basically, they will become your followers in the full sense of the word. It is more expensive, but still costs less than traditional advertising, and the benefits are greater.

Which one to use? It's up to you. In any case, you will get the right audience as soon as possible (there are tens of thousands of people in our partner network, so the speed is limited only by the limits set so Likee algorithms do not notice the promotion).

Is it really necessary to buy Likee followers

If you are striving for reliable success, top ratings and regular inclusion of your content in recommendations, then you definitely need it! The idea here is very simple: when new users see your posts, they will decide whether to watch them or not in literally a second. This decision is based on the overall stats of your account:

  • Views create the initial interest, “Oh, a lot of people saw this video! I should too!”
  • Likes build trust, “People like it, so I'll like it too. I'm watching it!”
  • Comments motivate the user to be active, “There is something to discuss here, I should definitely take a look!”
  • Followers finally push the new user to follow, “There are so many people waiting for new content, so it must come out regularly. There will always be something to see!”

Of course, we suggest and recommend to buy all the stats as a complex promotion. It is always suspicious when there are a lot of followers on a channel, tons of likes under videos, and there are few views. How so? To be successful, you need everything to look organic: tens of thousands of views, thousands of likes, hundreds of comments: in this proportion. But, in any case, followers attract other followers, which means that they remain one of the best ways of buying promotion.

Do you want to make your account popular? Then buying Likee followers from MRPOPULAR is everything you need. Make an order and you will be on your way to the top!