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homeInstagramlive video

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live video Instagram



live video Instagram



Buy Instagram Live Video Views

Why do you need to buy Instagram live video views?

Since Instagram allowed live streaming, we completely forgot about such a service as Periscope. Why download a separate live streaming app if you can do it on a larger and more varied social network? Live videos turn Instagram from a service for pretty photos into a powerful amalgamation of YouTube, Twitch, and Periscope.

Self-improvement coaches live stream; beauty bloggers with makeup training live stream; drunk people from bars live stream. The point and content of live videos vary, but almost all categories of Instagram users need to buy views.

Live videos, just like regular posts and Instagram stories, are a marketing tool. Live streams are another way of communicating with the target audience on Instagram. There are entire genres of live videos in the industry now. It may be a direct communication of a blogger with his fans in the format of a Q&A. Or a webinar on how to buy Instagram views. Or a chakra opening training. Or even a lecture by Stephen King.

If Instagram live video is a marketing tool, then views statistics plays a key role and there are different ways to improve it.

How to get more live video views on Instagram without buying them

In order to make a successful live video broadcast and convey information to the audience, you need to conduct a series of preparatory activities. People should be aware of the start time of the stream, its topic, and content. You make an announcement post. Needless to say, you need to write a high-quality, intriguing text as if you were a copywriter.

It’s good if an Instagram user has an already formed base of subscribers who closely follow his work. Otherwise, there’s no chance for a successful live video. In the best case, there will be only 100 viewers. Do you still doubt whether you should buy Instagram promotion services?

If you don’t have a followers base, but you still want to live stream, you can buy ads from the opinion leaders on Instagram and other social networks. Facebook groups that are thematically similar to the user's Instagram account will do. Do you post about bead embroidery? Buy ads in groups on embroidery, crochet, etc.

In any case, getting Instagram live video views without buying them is a laborious and ungrateful affair. There will be some effect with competent advertising. But first, it’s not guaranteed. Secondly, it’s extremely insignificant. Buying Instagram live video views is a much more reliable and cost-effective way to solve the problem of reaching your audience.

Even if you buy views, what's the point in live videos?

You increase all the statistics aspects on social networks by buying MRPOPULAR services. As already mentioned, Instagram live video is another tool for promoting a product or service. Here are the main advantages of Instagram live streams over the other features of the app, which give reason to buying our services:

  • Direct contact with the audience. The blogger reads flattering comments about himself online and communicates with fans. The coach directly teaches his target audience and can immediately and conveniently respond to any questions and problems.
  • The ability to communicate a lot of information. Instagram live videos can be streamed for several hours. You can endlessly argue live about politics; read out loud War and Peace; explain the special theory of relativity and quantum mechanics. No one rushes the speaker. We’ll remind you that the limit for a video on Instagram stories is just 15 seconds.
  • Freedom of presentation. Live videos can be streamed from an expensive studio with good lighting, or you can go live straight from the bed. The point is to communicate information, therefore it is not necessary to bother with design and direction too much.

Buying Instagram live video views will bring a stream to the top and attract a real target audience. People will get acquainted with the account’s content, get interested in it and follow for further updates. The speaker’s charisma and knowledge will make other statistical indicators increase: likes, views, comments, saves in favorites. All these numbers appeal to advertisers who want to sell a product to your audience.

How to buy Instagram live video views

The MRPOPULAR service offers several promotion options for buying Instagram live video views.

  • Firstly, it’s “buying likes.” People should like the live video, and likes are a direct expression of approval. People, for the most part, are influenced by the crowd. If someone sees a live stream with 1-2 thousand likes, he will put his own, possibly without even looking into the live stream itself.
  • Secondly, it’s “buying views.” The “herd effect” works here as well. The person realizes that for some reason they continue watching the live stream, thinking, “So why did it raise such hype?”
  • Thirdly, our service helps “buy comments.” Likes and views are more of “silent” activities. In fact, the effect of demand can be created only by buying comments. User activity creates reliable social proof that speaks of the demand for live video information.

Buying our services is not cheating (maybe just a little bit). There is a whole industry of Internet marketing around Instagram now with all sorts of subtleties and boring technical terms. Buying our services allows you not to think about annoying advertising matters and go about your business: creativity, communication, bringing information to people. Working with us is quick and easy. Choose a service and wait for the guaranteed effect.