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Buy Facebook Page Likes

How buying Facebook Page Likes can help you?

Facebook is so huge that it can be compared in terms of the involvement of people and organizations to the real world. Each self-respecting company or celebrity has its own representation in this all-encompassing social network in the form of personal accounts, groups or pages. The latter are called “Pages”, although this term is more appropriate for accounts of various celebrities. Further on, we will apply it to all types of pages. Also, some particularly meticulous readers, who are knowledgeable about SMM, may suspect us of the misuse of the phrase “buying likes”. We’ll agree with them in advance, but we’ll say that SMM-promoters consider the expression “number of likes” and “buying likes” synonymous in most cases. Well, if you forgive us some minor inaccuracies, then let’s move on with a clear conscience.

And as it’s usually done, let’s warm up your curious minds with some numbers. These numbers are a solid proof that if you spend a little amount of resources on buying Facebook Page likes, you’ll get excellent results.

Facebook in numbers

The sheer number of its users is astounding. Think about it, almost a third of the world's population are active fans of this social network. This fact alone clearly explains the necessity to buy Facebook Page likes. The dynamics are amazing too. After crossing the 2 billion mark, the audience still shows an annual average increase of 15%.

And here some additional numbers:

  • Facebook is the second most visited site after Google.
  • About 800 million users visit the blue-and-white website or use the mobile app every day.
  • Every day 7 billion responses are registered on Facebook servers in the form of likes. This number also includes people who buy likes daily. The statistics is silent about the number of likes the Pages are getting.
  • Facebook servers are filled with 400 million new photos every day.
  • The daily number of video views on the social network has reached 9 billion.
  • Well, let us complete this digital promotional show with the most outstanding achievement of the Zuckerberg team. In 2015, there were “only” 1 billion fans of this service. As already mentioned, in three years the userbase doubled(!).

Naturally, Mark would not be Zuckerberg if he hadn’t taken advantage of such popularity. Financial flows poured over the head of the possibly surprised young man like a waterfall. And we have to give props to him, he did not stop there. As already noted, Mark has a strong business acumen and a decent foresight, so he prefers to buy his competitors before they begin to represent at least some danger. So, Instagram and WhatsApp were bought without much price negotiations. A mention of these eye-grabbing names is not accidental, because buying followers and likes for Facebook Pages, which are the most effective promotion tools, significantly speeds up the same process on its subsidiary platforms. So if you are interested to buy likes for whatever platform, Facebook should be the starting point for your promotion strategy.

What is a Facebook Page?

We should mention form the start that this format is most appropriate for promoting a product or a person. We’ll discuss further peculiarities of this format, and how beneficial it is to buy a lot of Facebook Page likes.

Fan Page, Fan Site or just “Page” is all a designation of a special option in creating an account on Facebook. It differs in some easing in the privacy policy from the usual “personal” account. All this is done to ease the creation of such a format, and most importantly, to facilitate interaction with a large number of followers. Naturally, to buy the latter is much simpler, as well as to buy likes for publications made on Pages. Such advantages provide significant convenience for strengthening your army of followers if you, for example, are a politician, if you want to promote a product of a certain brand, or if you are a show business representative who wants to increase his or her popularity.

Unlike a personal profile, a Page is visible to absolutely all Facebook users. Thanks to this fact alone, you’ll get followers much faster, not to mention the speed of your posts getting likes. After all, this format assumes that anyone without asking for permission can follow your Page and receive notifications about your new posts. If we speak about buying likes, their number is a direct indicator of your success and popularity. In other words, imagine: you are a restaurant owner and want the biggest number of people as possible to know about your cuisine, then to buy likes for your Facebook Page is necessary. A Facebook user who decides to have a meal nearby will see recommendations regarding your place. Then he will take notice of the number of users who praised your place and will definitely come straight to you. After a series of gastronomic pleasures, it is quite natural to count on another like (or a couple, if he’s with a girl) and your army of followers is very likely to increase with a few, now well-fed people. This heart icon and a couple of followers will be decisive for the next client. So as the circle closes, the snowball starts growing. Such is the price of buying Facebook Page likes or followers. The only advice, or rather a warning that MRPOPULAR gives is when making a fan page try to be genuine and tell about yourself in detail. A dissonance could push your customers away once and for all.

What are the main differences between a Page and a Group?

We described most of them above. The main difference, of course, is the visibility of a Page to all users. This property greatly facilitates the work of search engines - another big point to buy Facebook Page likes or followers. Also, the format allows you to send unobtrusive invitations to rate the Page by liking it. After such an action, a user becomes a follower, and you need to know Facebook mechanics pretty well to stop receiving notifications about new publications.

MRPOPULAR says: it’s not difficult to buy Facebook Page likes and followers

Dear readers, we hope we explained to you well the importance of a Page as such, especially if you buy enough of likes and followers. We will be happy to improve these indicators for your easy and fast promotion in the vast spaces of the number one social network. We also remind you that our almost free services guarantee results. Many years of experience allow us to speak such bold words. Over long years of successful work, we have made popular many prominent people, whose names we would like to not disclose. Yes, and a considerable number of new brands which “suddenly” became popular still send us letters of gratitude. Contact us, we are always happy to help you.