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Buy Facebook Page Followers


Buying followers for a Page on Facebook is like recruiting a personal army of your subscribers


As some experts say, Google is a personification of the modern Internet. It is the god of information and has complete dominion over it. Following the same metaphor, Facebook's divine ability is to dominate people's minds through this information. Indeed, the social network number one is the most powerful means of forming opinions, where any news can be used as a tool for this process, and with directly opposite meanings at the same time. Such a statement is not at all difficult to realize once we think of how the same fact can be used by different parties for propaganda among their supporters. Regarding the comparison of Facebook with the supreme power, it is quite easy to grasp how huge the social network’s stats are:


  • The second most visited site.
  • About 800 million users visit Facebook every day.
  • There are 7 billion likes put on Facebook servers every day.
  • Every day, 400 million new photos are uploaded on the service.
  • The number of video views per day has reached 9 billion.


Isn't it a great platform for implementing your promotion strategy? Especially if your ambitions are not limited to one country. If what has been said matches the style of your thinking, then let's look at an essential part of the plan for achieving this under the generally accepted name of buying Page followers.


What is a Page on Facebook and why we need this type of promotion


Page is the easiest and most democratic way to create your own virtual representation on Facebook. This format is the best solution for promoting any product, idea or person.


This is true due to several special options while making it. These features lie in the default settings made by the developers. First, it is the public privacy policy which greatly facilitates interaction with a large number of followers. Secondly, it is advanced customization options which also help to strengthen the relationship with the audience. Such qualities make it much easier to get new followers to a personal Page, which is the main element and the goal of any promotion strategy.


Differences between Page and Group


The main advantages of a Page over a Facebook Group are the following options:


  • Page can be searched and followed by any users. In other words, a Page is very visible, which cannot be said about a group, where they are often allowed only by invitation. This feature makes it much easier to buy followers, which means it is ideal for the initial stage of Facebook promotion.
  • It allows to send unobtrusive invitations. You can send an invitation to like a page, which automatically makes the user follow it when he clicks the thumbs up button. And this is a great opportunity to expand the target audience reach through a “soft” way to buy new Page followers.


What it can give you


As even beginner social media promoters know, it is possible to convey your idea or show a product in a favorable light only if you have a significant audience. Without such a resource, your promotion will go unnoticed. Conversely, when you have a significant increase of loyal followers, any word you say spreads across the Facebook network at lightning speed. Moreover, the more truly interested users there are in the audience, the higher this speed is. Each of them has friends who are selected based on their interests. If you correctly throw in some intriguing content into the circle of these coinciding hobbies, you will be provided with a significant acceleration of promotion. Expanding these "target circles" is done by buying new active followers.


Well, what will MRPOPULAR say?

With truly powerful resources, he looks down on his competitors. We are by no means bragging; there is a solid foundation under such loud words. The fact is that MRPOPULAR periodically conducts market research. We use a simple method: ordering similar services incognito from our direct competitors. The results of the latest experiments, in which we studied the market of services for buying a lot of subscribers for a personal Page, left a double impression. On one hand, we realized how far we are ahead of our novice competitors. On the other hand, we understood how many scam offers there are available online. The point here is that most of our “colleagues” use bot programs that almost always lead to a ban. We use real and active accounts to buy a huge number of new followers, and not only for a Page. This kind of accounts are absolutely indistinguishable from the real ones without causing any suspicions from the security system.