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Buy Facebook Comment Likes

Take note: buy Facebook comment likes

With an audience of 2 billion people, Facebook is more and more becoming an alternative reality if by the latter we understand traditional relationships and connections between people. However, it would be naive to assume that communication on social networks is expressed only in friendly messages and posting outdated memes with mutual likes on them. When we honored the platform number one with a comparison to a new world, first of all we had in mind the transition of business relationships into a more accessible and convenient virtual form.

In confirmation of our words, here’s a fact: already 96% of companies around the world have an account on Facebook. As you might’ve guessed, all business partners, clients, negotiations, advertising, etc. are here too. We should not forget about all the intrigues, actions against competitors and other not always fair ways of doing business either. Without breaking any rules and laws of the network, or rather using them, disingenuous competitors can significantly damage the reputation of an honest company. And vice versa: a clever social media manager can dramatically improve the attitude of people towards the thing he promotes. Techniques are different, but the ones the most average user can easily understand, work best. There are now hidden, one might even call them insidious methods of fighting against competitors, and buying comment likes is one of them.

How to buy Facebook comment likes and how it works

To buy comment likes is the process of increasing the number of likes under a post made by users.

According to how Facebook's ranking algorithm works, this allows us to:

- raise a reply to the top of the comments feed;
- attract the attention of users with a large number of positive marks;
- increase the psychological value of a comment.

In other words, a comment with a lot of “thumbs up” can either confirm the information in a post or completely discredit it along with the author. We will discuss below what consequences it may bring.

Tactics of buying comment likes

As we said above, there is a serious battle going on Facebook. The weapon used in it has usually two functions: defensive and offensive. First, we will look into what buying comment likes does for the one who writes them. However, we should say right away that commenting on your own post on Facebook from the same account is at least silly. Such a mistake immediately puts this awkward attempt in the category of “techniques with a clearly visible purpose” that were mentioned in the introduction.

For the owner of a post.

First of all, to buy comment likes is an effective protection that allows you to lower an offensive comment to the bottom of the feed. Here’s how it works: you write positive comments from several other accounts, which with the help of a significant number of positive ratings on them will rise to the top of the feed thus lowering the unwanted comment to where no one will see it.

Secondly, a praising comment made from another account with many thumbs up can serve as an excellent confirmation of the information in a post. And as you can tell, the more such comments there are, the more attractive a post will be, and the more willingly users will believe in, for example, a unique selling proposition contained in it.

For a competitor.

MRPOPULAR adheres to the principles of fair competition. However, as professionals, we cannot ignore this dark aspect of promotion through buying Facebook comment likes. This is necessary because honest people need to be aware of threats, the likelihood of encountering which will increase along with the promotion of their accounts.

The worst thing is that a single negative comment with a good boost of likes can clip the wings of a chick at takeoff who is just trying to compete with you on Facebook. For some, the harsh metaphor we used may sound like praise. Dishonest people consider the use of such techniques to be their advantage. However, from our experience we know that any symmetrical counteraction scares them. This is why you need to have in reserve an effective weapon of retaliation, such as buying Facebook comment likes.

MRPOPULAR’s position

We’ve already expressed earlier our attitude to this kind of dirty competition on Facebook. Meanwhile, we cannot judge this or that order for buying comment likes for obvious reasons. In this situation, MRPOPULAR is just a tool in your hands. And, without undue modesty, it will be said that the tool is very effective. Use it at your own discretion and according to your moral standards.