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responses to comments youtube



Buy YouTube comment replies

How buying YouTube comment replies helps lure competitor subscribers

Despite all the efforts of other video hosting services, YouTube is still №1. Although the platform has limited internal monetization opportunities, there are still a lot of things you can do here. Content creators publish new videos, gain subscribers and likes. By doing this, they attract many potential sponsorships and ad offers.

How to get real subscribers without spending a lot of money on promotion? There is one trick you can do. Start commenting on similar channels videos from your channel. However, if your comment gets lost among hundreds of others, this trick will be useless. To prevent this from happening, you can buy comment replies. The more reactions other users leave on your message, the higher it will be ranked. And if in addition to replies your comment gets likes, it is guaranteed to reach the TOP.

Who needs to buy comment replies on YouTube

This service is also useful to vloggers, regardless of what their channels are about. An important condition: there must already be promoted channels in the chosen direction. That is, if your videos are about video games, relevant videos with a large number of views and reactions should already be on YouTube. If you talk about business in your videos, then there should be business videos on which other people have left thousands of real likes and hundreds of comments. This is necessary in order to have a place to lure subscribers to your channel from.

Who can buy comment replies:

  • Video creators of any topics who want to become popular.
  • Online stores that publish videos and want to attract the target audience.
  • Social media specialists who promote videos for customers for money.
  • Companies that want to lure some customers away from competitors.
  • People who seek to convey information to the general public.

Before, vloggers set themselves the goal of bringing their channel to YouTube for monetization. Today, this goal is no longer that relevant. They can make money with the regular video monetization, however there are other options. For example, instead of using the internal ad platform, they can get other sponsorships.

Let's say you have 500,000 subscribers on your channel. You were contacted by a brand that wants to order advertising and offers you 100 dollars for it. You can make an ad clip and embed it at the beginning or middle of the video. Of course, this will take time and effort, but who said that making money for a living is easy and simple?

How buying comment replies works and what results you can expect

First, you need to pick up a few channels and videos that are popular and relevant to your topic. That is, they should have hundreds of thousands or millions of subscribers who are active on videos.

Then you skim through your competitors' videos and leave a relevant comment from your channel. It should match the mood of the viewers or be controversial. Such messages usually get likes on their own.

Once you've left a few comments, you need to buy replies to generate more real response. This will bring your comment to the TOP, that is, above all others. Then real users, competitor subscribers and casual viewers will begin to pay attention to it.

As a result, some of the people who see your promoted comment will become interested in your channel and go watch a video or even subscribe. In this simple way, you can lure your competitor's subscribers while avoiding high advertising costs, because buying promotion services is much cheaper.

Where the best place to buy YouTube comment replies is

You can buy high-quality replies to your comments on MRPOPULAR. First, you need to decide what kind of answers you want. They can be random without specific content or custom. The latter differ from the former in that you write them yourself, providing your own text.

To place an order, you must provide a link, a username, and the number of replies. If this is the custom option, then you will also need to enter the replies themselves in the field.

After you pay for the service, our employee will receive a notification. They will start executing the order within 24 hours.

Do you want to promote your YouTube channel and lure your competitors’ subscribers? Then buy replies to your comments, and your wish will come true!