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hometwitterresponses to comments

hometwitterresponses to comments

responses to comments twitter



responses to comments twitter



Buy Twitter comment replies

How buying replies to comments on Twitter helps promote your page

Twitter is actively used by 330 million real people. They post 500 million posts daily. Some of them get a huge number of likes, like Barack Obama's tweet from 2017 which was liked by 4 million 300 thousand users. However, these are not just numbers, because someone else's popularity can be used for your own purposes. How do you exactly do this and what results can be expected? We will talk about this further!

How to attract active readers to your profile using promotion services

If you don't have funds to buy ads on popular accounts, you can use them for free using our scheme. What does it require? First, find pages on your topic that have a lot of followers. There should be at least several tens of thousands, and it is better if there are hundreds of thousands or millions followers.

Copy the links to these accounts to a text file and save them! Then select one recently published post from the previously collected pages. Prepare unique comments so that they don’t come off as spam. Exclude links, explicit advertising or sentences that don’t make sense from the text! The comment should be on the topic of the tweet and it should be relevant to the society.

After you post your comments on tweets that are gaining or have already received a large number of likes, you should buy replies. How will this benefit you and your Twitter profile? When a comment gets a lot of replies, the social network starts to think that it deserves more reach. Then, it puts it at the TOP, which is located above the rest of the opinions. As a result thanks to the bought replies, all the page followers will see your comment. Remember that earlier you selected not one, but several pages at once and left a trace everywhere. This means that soon your profile will be flooded with traffic and thousands of real interested people who can follow you and be active.

Which creators should be chosen for comments and promotion services

It all depends on the topic you tweet about. If this is politics, then it is necessary to post comments on pages owned by politicians, political scientists and bloggers who cover such issues.

If you write about IT technologies, your choice should correspond to this direction. That is, an opinion should be placed on posts on the same or related topics. This is very important in order to attract the exact target audience to your account and increase the conversion rate from a usual visitor to a regular reader.

This was all about the topics. Now let's move on to numbers. Accounts with how many followers are right for you? As we wrote earlier, the minimum number of readers per page should be 10,000 people. But if there are options with a larger audience, it is better to use them. Again, you need to look at the activity of account followers. It may happen that there are a lot of readers, but there is no activity. This means that this person simply bought bots that cannot help you in any way. Therefore, in order to minimize the risks of wasting effort and expenses, we advise you to look at both the number of readers and the number of likes, as well as comments on tweets.

The tweet itself is important as well. If it was posted a long time ago, it contains outdated information and is lost somewhere at the bottom of the page, although it was popular back then. There is no particular point in commenting on it. The only exception would be a post that is always relevant, such as Obama's tweet that says "No one is born hating another person because of a different skin color." This statement will be relevant as long as there are different races in the world and as long as there is friction between them on the basis of external differences. You can comment on such posts, because they do not lose their relevance and therefore will always be relevant.

Where you can buy Twitter replies

You can use MRPOPULAR to buy replies to your comments! This service has a huge number of workers with their own profiles, who are ready to leave random or custom replies to comments at any time.

To order random responses, you need to select the corresponding category, provide a link to the post on which you left your opinion, indicate your username and the number of messages.

If you need custom responses, do the same, but write your own text in the additional field below! In this case, our workers will post only what you want on your comment.

After you buy the promotion service, it will be started within a day.