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Buy Reddit comment upvotes

How to get followers for a community by buying likes for a comment on Reddit

Reddit is a mix of a social network and a forum. There, people can publish their posts along with links, photos, videos, or plain text. There is official advertising implemented on the site. However, in order to save money, Reddit users buy promotion services which are much cheaper and no less effective.

According to statistics, most of this platform users are millennials. That is, people aged 20 to 30 years. 21% are young people whose age does not exceed 20 years. Another 25% are users over 40 who are a mature contingent. All of them can safely publish posts on Reddit which can be seen not only by their subscribers, but also by outsiders who scroll through the feed and subscribe if they like it.

Is it worth promoting on Reddit: pros and cons

In our reasoning, we will rely on real statistics. We have already told you about the age of users, now we will reveal other indicators.

61% of the social network's real audience is men. 70% are Caucasian, 12% are Hispanic nationality representatives and 7% are African Americans. 48% of all Reddit users are US residents, which is about 222 million people. The other countries in terms of the number of users on this site are Canada, Great Britain, Germany and Australia. They account for from 3.3% to 7.6% of the site's inhabitants.

More than 130 thousand communities have been created on this social network,which are constantly active. About half a million people visit Reddit every month. These statistics apply only to real and active users, excluding those that rarely appear.

82% of platform users trust the brands that are represented on it. This means that if people want to buy or order something here, in most cases they will not hesitate and make the intended purchase.

What conclusions can be drawn after reading the info above? If you have your own business and plan to explore new sources of customer acquisition, compare your target audience with the one on Reddit. If they match, then you can safely sign up and do promotion on this site.

But if you have nothing to sell and you just want to gain fame, become a popular creator, then it is enough for you to just speak the same language with the audience. Not through an online translator, but in native speech. If you choose the right topic, start creating interesting or useful posts, your dream of popularity will come true.

How buying upvotes on a comment will help to get promoted

Reddit has communities and publications where you can leave your comments, including links. Most groups have already reached a certain level of popularity and millions of real people have subscribed to some of them.

Some of these people can be lured into your community by commenting on other people's posts and buying upvotes for them. Why is this needed? As on other social networks, likes on comments are a pass to the TOP.

Let's say you're posting about gadgets and want to get more real followers. How do you do it? Find several similar, promoted communities through the internal search and write them out in a notebook or add them to your browser bookmarks! Then prepare a text that will do the job of attracting subscribers of these same bloggers or companies from them to you. The message should not be boring and written by a template. The more creative it is, the more likely it is that other users will notice it and do the targeted action that you expect from them. After that, place the written text as a comment and buy upvotes for it. This will allow your opinion to break out in the TOP above others, and then it will definitely not be missed.

Simply like that, you can lure other people's followers on topics of interest to you and save hundreds or thousands of dollars on advertising.

Where and how you can buy likes for Reddit comments

You can use the service of buying upvotes on your comments using the MRPOPULAR service. To do this, select a quality category, insert a link to the post and put your name on this site. Also don't forget to specify the number of upvotes you want to order for your comment.

Pay for the order and wait for it to be completed.