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homequoraresponses to comments

responses to comments quora



responses to comments quora



Buy Quora comment replies

How can a business or a blogger benefit from buying replies to comments on Quora

What is the worst thing for a business? Damaged reputation and bad image. After all, sales and company profits directly depend on them. If before the advent of the Internet, the reputation could be spoiled by the word of mouth and newspapers, now these tools have reached a new level. Anyone can leave a bad review, even the person who did not buy anything at all acting on the command of a competitor. That is why businesses are increasingly buying cheap replies to Quora comments. After all, this is the only way to effectively deal with negativity and promote products.

How to counter negative feedback on Quora

On this resource, people very often ask each other about goods or services. Someone wants to assemble a gaming PC and is interested in what components are needed, where they can be bought for cheap and at the same time not get scammed. Other users ask for advice on a good fitness trainer or tutor. These requests are made either in the form of regular questions or in the format of posts. They can be answered with recommendations or discouragements from interacting with certain companies / specialists. Some questions of this kind are written by real people who want to make a purchase. But there are also quite a few that are created by companies for the purpose of hidden advertising of their products. Whatever it is, the comments on both the first and second questions are not always positive. Some of them may carry a negative message and even openly critique your products or the brand as a whole.

If a person responsible for corporate image sees this (and they should definitely keep track of reviews about their company), then the best thing they can do is to buy replies to such a comment. Answers should refute and eliminate all the negativity in a review. You have to agree that if you see somewhere one negative comment and 15 positive comments on it which are full of facts, evidence, and at the same time they are convincingly written, then a bad review simply ceases to be important. It will seem to you that it was written by an inadequate buyer who could not figure out the purchase, stumbled upon a rare defect, or was ordered by a competitor.

Do not forget that if negative comments were written on a brand's official page, then in addition to buying positive replies, you will also need feedback on behalf of the company. Its reaction should be extremely polite, constructive, and friendly towards the user.

How to advertise your services or products through Quora replies

Replies to comments on Quora are the most hidden form of advertising within this service. But in order for it to look natural, like a regular advice, it needs to be placed in appropriate questions and comments. Let's say someone asked where you can buy fertilizer for a rare flower, since it cannot be found in regular stores. Someone wrote a comment and recommended a place. On their comment, you can suggest your store, shop or a specific product. It is important that it is on the topic of the question and the comment to which you are writing your answer. That is, you can’t write about bicycles in the question about fertilizer. This will only irritate the questioner and readers, and you will not get new customers from such actions.

Just a few well-placed replies can bring you dozens or even hundreds of buyers. And imagine how many of them will rush to you if there are hundreds of such replies to comments! You should really think about it... However, you should think quickly, as competitors may be more agile and lure away some of the customers.

On which site you can buy Quora comment replies

Many agencies offer to buy comments on questions. But very few of them offer to buy replies for comments which are already there. Luckily, you have found one of these services called MRPOPULAR.

Here you can purchase cheap replies in both random and custom formats. What does it mean? If you select random replies, then random texts will be written to the comment you specified. If you prefer the custom option, you can give our workers your own answers.