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How to get views on Medium and profit from it

What posts can make money and what you shouldn’t write about on Medium

Medium is a platform where anyone can create a blog and start making good money out of it. The best way to do it quickly is to buy Medium views because the more popular the author is, the higher their income is.

Even considering the pandemic of recent years, anyone who knows how to make money online won’t get lost. Even if all companies close down, there will always be those who want to read something interesting in the morning or before going to bed. That means bloggers will not be left without their bread and butter.

Views on Medium are displayed to the authors as a monthly review. It includes the amount of readers; users who recommend a post; click-through rate; and views. The promotion of posts in the feed and their inclusion in service newsletters depend on all of the above factors. That's why buying Medium views is so relevant and is used to popularize and monetize your blog.

What article content is unacceptable for Medium

Content writers who want to start earning money from Medium's affiliate program must follow certain rules when writing articles.

What a Medium blogger should not do in their articles:

  • Write about murder, abuse, calls for violence.

If you start posting things like that, no amount of bought Medium views for a post will help you, because they will be banned along with the author.

  • Disclose personal information of third parties without their prior consent.

Few people would want their secrets or contacts be exposed to millions of people who use the largest blogging platform. And the resource administration itself will not want to sue or compensate afflicted people for allowing such posts to be published.

  • Promote prejudice and intolerance against anyone.

Before you buy views on Medium for cheap, it's a good idea to proofread your post carefully. You might be offending a particular group of people in some way by insulting them on national, religious, or other grounds. Even if it can somehow be proved scientifically, the website will not tolerate it.

  • Include in your posts reviews that are negative towards companies or their products.

Medium is not meant for posting reviews, much less for those that are directly offensive to a business or its products / services.

  • Use profanity, trash talk, or put shocking imagery in your articles.

Readers might like it, but the site admins certainly won't. And even if you decide to post it and buy views on Medium to promote your blog, they will soon take it down. Violations will not be tolerated here.

  • Bullying and harassing both individuals and groups of people in general.

The site may not only take down such a post, but it can also report the author to the authorities if they request it.

  • Make claims that have no factual basis.

Misleading and unsubstantiated claims may also be a reason for removing an article or even blocking a blogger's account.

Avoid violating all of the above prohibitions and buy Medium views! Then you will have all the chances to become a successful author that gets paid advertising opportunities from various businesses or other bloggers.

Which articles get a lot of views and bring profit to its author

You can make a living out of Medium only if you target the English-speaking audience. As you might’ve already guessed, these users represent the biggest group on this website.

To buy views on Medium is a good way for promoting authors. But increasing the real numbers is still better. That's why it's important to understand the users of this site and be able to communicate with them. You should choose topics that will truly resonate with them. Do not be afraid to try different things and stick with the one that brings you more readers.

How many views should a post have in order to be successful? At least 10,000. In some cases, 5000. It depends on the topics you cover in the article, the scope of your target audience, and so on.

If you're thinking about buying more views on Medium and want to know how much it costs, take a look at the packages above. You’ll find all the necessary info there.

But back to the success metrics of posts. To keep users of this platform interested in reading the article to the end, it shouldn't be too long. The optimal text size varies between 5,000 and 10,000 characters. You can also go less.

The text structure should be concise and clear. A concrete title, mixing text with images, one thought per section, formatted lists and a summary. If you follow with these tips, then you will be able to make the most out of buying post views on Medium. It will give a development boost and attract real readers. And as a result, monetization.

Where to order Medium post views

On MRPOPULAR! We are one of the few companies who provide such services. We have a huge base of users who are ready to take care of your project at any time of the day or night and provide our clients with the required amount of cheap views.

There are several packages to choose from. Each of them is good in its own way, but the higher the quality of the accounts, the more expensive the service is. The order is started within 24 hours, and the number of views is about 30 per day at the moment.

If you'd like to buy Medium views online that you can be sure will be of high quality and at an affordable price, order them from the social media studio MRPOPULAR!