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Will buying Medium reposts help you become a famous blogger?

How to join Medium and earn a reputation or even money

To buy reposts on Medium is a way to share someone's post, or your own, with other social media users. Yes, these are not classic retweets that appear on someone's page within the same resource. We can find a full-fledged sharing system here. It's currently available for the following sites:

  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook

As you can see, these social networks are available worldwide. That's because Medium is an American platform, and most of its users are English-speaking. But given the global nature of the above resources, users from anywhere from the world can buy Medium reposts and increase their popularity with it.

Where to start as a new writer on Medium

The first thing you should do is to read the most popular articles and pay attention to their metrics. For example, how long it takes to read them, how many claps there are on them, which topics resonate most with the readers, etc. By comparing and figuring it all out, a newbie can avoid making huge mistakes and get on the right track right away.

People who read something online can make any content writer popular. All it takes is more views, likes and reposts. By the way, speaking about the latter. To buy reposts on Medium allows newly registered bloggers to attract followers from other social networks. As long as they already have an audience there of course. Let's say a blogger already has an account on Twitter with 10,000 active followers. Just a few reposts from Medium, and some of those followers will follow the blogger there.

The second step after analyzing other content creators is to write and publish your own articles. You've chosen the topic, decided on the approximate size. Next, you need to be specific about what you write. Avoid abstract pieces which have no specifics and purpose. For example: you are going to write travel notes. You don't need to split between all the resorts in the world at once. Pick one or two interesting places and talk about them in detail! Things few people know about will be really interesting to them.

If a post ends up being useful, buying Medium reposts for your article can make it viral and attract thousands of real followers to your blog. Do not underestimate the pen since it is often mightier than any sword. That's why a well-written text can instantly win the attention of an audience of thousands.

A few words of advice for writers new to making posts:

    1. Articles should be medium-sized (5,000 to 10,000 characters).

Internet users don't like articles that are too long. This is especially the case for the English-speaking readers of this site.

    2. Every post needs to be well-formatted.

Everyone can buy Medium reposts for a good price. But not every beginner can format a post in a way that makes it nice and easy to read. The text should be divided into logical blocks with subheads, lists, and paragraphs. There should be images every thousand or fifteen hundred characters. This can be a picture you took yourself or just a picture on the topic.

    3. The text must be written without mistakes and in a lively language.

A post that is too serious will not engage your readers. It will only make them bored and close the page as quickly as they can. To make the most out of buying Medium reposts, you should write in a simple language that all users can understand. It is also useful not to make grammar mistakes. Some may not notice them, but most people will. As a result, it will be hard for them to take you seriously.

Can you make real money on Medium?

Yes, but not everyone can. You can earn through advertising if you have a lot of followers and a lot of views on your posts. You can improve those numbers if you buy Medium reposts to attract readers from other social networks.

You can make money through the platform's official affiliate program. Paid readers spend $5 a month to gain access to all posts. Authors get a share of that money if their posts are popular among the site users.

The more views and likes you get from readers, the higher your income is. But not every article can bring the expected profit. Some articles are ‘cheap’ and earn just a few cents, but others can make a content writer rich.

Buying Medium reposts helps boost blogger's promotion and monetization of their posts.

There was a content writer who managed to make $2,000 in one month with just one post. He wrote about making money, solving financial problems and things like that. At some point, one of his posts went viral racking up thousands of views and claps. In just one month, this blogger made about $2,000 through the affiliate program. Not bad, huh?

Where you should buy Medium reposts and why

You can order the highest quality reposts from MRPOPULAR. The people who will do them here will have accounts with followers in all major social networks. This will help your posts quickly get more views and likes. And the more of them you have, the sooner you can start monetizing your blog.

The price of buying Medium reposts is very affordable. In fact, there is a whole package for this service. There are several options for the quality and cost of promotion. The order is completed within 24 hours since it is placed.

In order for the reposts on this platform to have an impact, you should regularly write interesting articles and buy shares for each of them. Over time, you'll get real readers who will generate organic activity.

Buy reposts from MRPOPULAR and get ready to become famous and financially successful!