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How to become a famous author by buying Medium followers

What is Medium and how a novice blogger can become popular there

Medium is similar to LiveJournal. On this platform, people write long posts based on their life experiences and valuable information they have. To buy followers on Medium is necessary in order to accelerate popularity growth. Especially when it comes to users who have recently registered on this resource.

There are private messages, comments on posts, as well as subscriptions within this platform. There is a lot of activity on Medium, and correctly written articles get into the index of search engines and, as a result, attract targeted traffic.

There is also a smart feed, where articles corresponding to the interests of readers are automatically added.

How Medium works from the point of view of the author

Before buying Medium followers, you should learn in more detail about how everything works there. First, you need to sign up. The easiest way to do this is through accounts on other sites, for example Facebook, Twitter or Google. Moreover, such registration will provide the blogger with an advantage: he will be subscribed to his friends.

Then, read the rules and welcome to the world of blogging! Publish content, win the attention of readers, aspire to earn money, etc.

Articles can be classified as follows:

  • Meaningful
  • Instructive
  • Humorous
  • Shallow
  • Advertising
  • Other

There is another type of posts: publications. They are managed groups with filtered entries. Previously they were called collections.

In order to buy followers on Medium efficiently, you should regularly create and post articles that will be interesting to the target audience. At the same time, you should not forget that writing on completely different topics is not desirable. You cannot write about scientific research and childcare on the same account. Once you have chosen a theme, stick with it!

How does the reading and following system work? When a user signs up, he becomes a reader. He sees your post and follows. Every time he opens the main page on Medium, your posts will be shown to him in the feed.

You can buy Medium followers on MRPOPULAR, but there is another important thing to keep track of. You need to make sure those who followed you do not lose interest and do not go anywhere. It depends solely on the author and his activity. Posts should come out regularly. They just need to be interesting and useful to readers. Then, the audience will only grow.

How to interact with the audience on Medium

Let's say you have decided on the subject of future posts. But you still need to understand whether they will be popular among readers. To do this, we advise you to search for posts on similar or related topics. Select posts and analyze their engagement in the form of likes and comments.

Bloggers can also buy followers on Medium. This is why it is better to look not at the number of followers, but at the activity on posts. If there are dozens or even hundreds of reactions from users on a post, then a topic is popular. So, you can write something similar, but with your own input.

You should react to comments on your posts. Especially, if they are meaningful discussions and not just hateful provocations. Answer questions, if any of the readers do not understand something, explain your point of view. Then, buying followers on Medium will be much safer and more efficient.

If you wish, you can integrate ads into your posts or even comments, but it must be hidden or native so as not to annoy readers. Besides, explicit advertising is not welcomed by the resource itself, so such posts are deleted.

It is recommended to buy followers on Medium only if your account is filled with content and there is something to read. Then the added people will not unfollow the next day, but will stay and, perhaps, show interest and some kind of activity.

You can also involve collaborators in your work. For example, write and publish text on Medium and then give other bloggers the opportunity to make notes. This will ensure the growth of stats and help in terms of marketing (secondary advertising).

What useful features Medium offers to its users

Apart from posting and commenting on posts? You can also share a post on various social networks. This is useful when the author has his own audience on other sites or he knows how to negotiate reposts with popular bloggers.

Buying Medium followers is not the only thing you can do to promote your blog. You can also buy likes on posts and much more. By the way, the platform allows everyone to put likes on the posts they like, thus expressing their interest and approval.

Another useful feature is feedback. What is it? Let's say you know a few promoted authors with the relevant audience. Leave your feedback on their articles or notes! You will be able to attract the attention of other people's followers and lure some of them to you. And unlike those who came through buying Medium followers, these readers will be genuinely interested in your work.

Where you can get followers for Medium

There are not many resources that provide this service. MRPOPULAR is one of them. Here, you can order effective promotion of the author and his posts within the Medium blogging platform. Everything is done quickly and with a 100% quality guarantee.

If you have recently joined the users of this site and do not know how to break into the ranks of top bloggers, heed our advice! After filling the page with posts, buy some Medium followers! This is how you will significantly speed up the process of promoting your publications and gain fame.