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Buy comments on Medium

How commenting works on Medium and what makes it special

Buying comments on Medium is really popular now. That's because it increases the importance of a blogger's publications in the eyes of his target audience. The platform itself also takes this into account when it sets up feeds and mail newsletters for its users.

In general, comments on this platform look different than on other social media sites and blogs. On Medium, any logged in user can highlight a word, sentence, or paragraph and create a note. There, you can write something about the topic, point out mistakes or ask the author a question.

How to write a comment on an article on Medium

Place your cursor on the piece of text you're interested in, hold down the left mouse button and drag it to the right or left to highlight a piece of content. A column will appear to the right where you can write your opinion and even post it on your profile.

If you want to buy Medium comments, but are still considering the specifics of this feature and don't know who to ask, go ahead and order it from MRPOPULAR!

But back to the notes. After you write something, click the ‘Respond’ button to add a comment to an author's post. If there are any other notes written before you, they will show up below the form. To view them, just scroll down the right block. Here you can also respond to a specific comment via ‘Reply’ or like it by clapping it. Can buying comments on Medium make a blogger more popular? Yes, because the more reactions to posts there are, the more popular the author is. More users start noticing him by putting likes, notes, etc.

If you see a comment you think is offensive or it violates someone's rights, you can report it. To do that, click the three dots to the right of a post and click ‘Report this response’.

Other ways to use comments on Medium

To buy comments for an article on Medium is just another way of achieving your goals. Which ones, exactly? Popularity, recognition, monetizing your posts. You can use this feature in many different ways, depending on your imagination and goals.

For example, you've decided to become an online author, but you're not sure if your stories will be of interest to anyone yet. Publish your work, and then invite a few people to leave notes where they may have questions. So, you're essentially using the comments as an opinion-gathering tool. They will have their say, you will analyze their posts and improve your work.

You can also buy Medium comments for a cheap price to increase engagement with your articles and get interested readers.

Some people also use the notes on this site as footnotes. Authors write comments that they can later use to correct or expand on what they're writing.

How to reduce the amount of negative comments on Medium

We are not talking about the site as a whole, but about your posts. When users don't like something or when a writer goes too far, they will leave angry messages on their posts. To avoid this, try to follow these tips:

  • Do not hurt the feelings of your readers with trolling or insults.

Buying comments on Medium won't help if you are rude towards your readers. Be polite and communicate in a civil manner. If you're being provoked, don't give in and simply ignore these provocative opinions.

  • Only write about things you are informed in.

Statements with no supporting facts only make people angry and annoyed. This is why you should only talk about things you understand and can back up.

  • Keep the story flow without jumping from one thing to the next.

You don't need any special skills to buy comments for Medium, just ask MRPOPULAR. However, it is the talent and being able to tell a story that's important for a coherent and well-written text.

  • Look after your language and choose politically correct words.

Medium doesn't like to see its users insulted because of their ethnicity or any other reason. Basically, neither do the users themselves. So make sure you do not offend anybody even by accident.

If you succeed, you will only need to buy Medium comments to increase engagement, not to drown out negative comments from real readers.

  • No spelling or punctuation errors.

Missing a comma is not a reason for negativity. But missing dozens of punctuation marks or writing basic words with simple errors could lead to this kind of comments.

Where can you can buy Medium comments and for how much

In fact, very few sites provide such services. Most social media studios focus on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and other popular social networks. However, our agency called MRPOPULAR does not follow the usual patterns. We try to realize our potential in all the resources where there is an opportunity for promotion.

With us, content writers can order both customized and random comments for a fee. In the first case, they tell us what they want the users to write. In the second, it's up to them to decide which notes to write on our clients’ posts.

Buying comments for articles on Medium can be a great way to promote a blogger. It also allows your posts to be included in the recommendations feed and to be monetized through Medium's official affiliate program.