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homeinstagramresponses to comments

responses to comments instagram



responses to comments instagram



Buy comment replies on Instagram

Why you may need to buy replies to post comments

Many newly created or long-forgotten accounts on Instagram have almost no user activity. There are simply not enough users since the target audience either does not exist at all or it is so small that it does not want to comment. You can fix this situation by buying comment replies.

What buying replies to comments is and who needs it

For example, you publish posts and leave short comments on them with explanations, wishes or requests to followers. Let's say you just wished good morning, and there is only silence in response. Your other profile visitors who come from ads or search will see that there are no real followers, and they will simply close the account without following it nor being active. Because of this, you will lose your potential target audience and waste your advertising budget.

To prevent such an outcome, we advise you to buy replies to comments on your posts! What is this service? You simply provide a link to the post, indicate your Instagram username to be sure and enter the number of responses. They can be either random or custom. In the second case, you write in advance those answers that our users will have to leave on your comment. After ordering this social media service, answers will appear on your posts and comments.

When your social network page visitors see that your good morning wish has not gone unanswered and dozens of people have responded to it, they will think that the profile is active, fun and will be interesting in the future. This is why they will follow and read your posts regularly, as well as like and comment.

How you can make money by buying comment replies

If you have your own social media services or you would like to provide these services privately, you can offer our services to your clients. For example, the service of buying responses to comments on Instagram. Of course, if they become popular, you can make an extra charge on top of our cost. It can be a 50% markup, a 100% markup or even more: there are no restrictions on our part.

Some social media specialists are only able to manage social network accounts. That is, publishing posts and stories, writing texts and designing graphic banners. This is all good, but if such a specialist expands their list of abilities by adding to it buying comment replies and other similar services, their income will increase. After that, they will be able not only manage an Instagram account, but also promote it.

Here’s a small life hack: if you do not want your clients outright refuse promotion services, include them in your work package! In other words, do not offer the customer to buy followers, likes or replies to comments separately! Make a plan for the account listing what you are going to do, and at the end put the total price for all the services you provide, including social media services! Then the client will not be able to refuse buying services as it is included in the whole work package and the total amount of payment.

Where you can order cheap and faster replies to comments

Such a service is not yet very common on the Internet. It can be ordered in just 2 or 3 services, one of which is MRPOPULAR. Comment replies can be left randomly, that is, with any random text, or in a custom mode, when all responses are prewritten by the customer. Each reply must be written in a new line for correct recognition by the system.

The minimum number of replies is just one. This is enough to test the service and evaluate the quality of accounts that leave comments. You can receive up to 15 responses per day, but this limit may change over time.

Before buying social media promotion, you need to understand that such a service is needed only initially while the profile is new and does not have active followers. This is a kind of push to ensure that people who come from ads are converted into an active audience that can create user-generated content in the form of comments. As soon as you see that the number of replies from real followers has equaled or even exceeded the number of comments from promotion bots, you can stop it! If necessary, the promotion services can be resumed at any time.

Buy cheap Instagram replies to comments on MRPOPULAR! The promotion service will be started within 24 hours. If you still have any questions, you can contact our online support. We will be happy to tell you all the details about our promotion services on social networks.