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responses to comments facebook



Buy Facebook comment replies

How to attract the target audience attention to your page by buying replies to comments on Facebook

Despite the fact that Facebook is no longer that popular among teens, it is still used by a lot of people around the world. There are a lot of users who use it daily to stay in touch with their friends or relatives and follow what’s happening in the world.

Since Facebook advertising is expensive, users are looking for alternative ways to promote their personal or business pages. Some buy real offers, others send invites, and there are users who try to buy comment replies. How can such promotion services be useful? This is what we will be talking about in this article.

Why people and companies need to buy replies to FB comments

Let's say you're a talented musician, writer, or artist who has yet to become famous. You are posting your work on Facebook trying to get fans and public recognition. But you do not have enough money for official advertising. What to do? Buying comment replies comes to the rescue.

You probably know who your target audience is and where to find it. How can you lure it from someone else's group or profile to your own? You can start leaving comments on the posts of this person or this community. In order for them to stay at the top and be visible, you need to buy more replies for them. Then people will start noticing your opinion, go to your profile and get acquainted with your content or offers. If they like it, they will become your fans.

Companies have a slightly different goal. They want to promote their brand or increase the number of purchases and potential customers. To do this as safely and cheaply as possible, organizations buy comment replies. The principle is the same as for regular users. First, they select groups where the target audience is, then post comments and buy replies. But before buying promotion, you need to publish a post in your profile which will contain a link to a business page, if you are interested in getting real followers for it.

What kind of comments become viral and get people’s attention

Of course, you can buy replies to any comment. But in order for it not to look weird, the opinion must somehow get the target audience’s attention. Perhaps it could be provocative or adapted to the opinion of the majority. When the essence of a comment reflects the point of view of the public, it gets a lot of likes, natural reactions in the form of answers, and it becomes very noticeable.

Also, do not forget about the subject of the comment. You cannot post an opinion about fishing on a post about balloons. Otherwise, it will look strange, to put it mildly. And buying replies to such an answer will not help in promoting your page. But, at the same time, the topics do not have to completely match each other. They may be just close. Let's say you wrote a comment about mobile phone accessories on a post about smartphones. This is allowed, the topics clearly overlap in this case.

A commenter's page gets real attention whenever their comment is above all others. This is possible in two cases: either a comment gets a lot of likes, or it gets a lot of replies. If you do not want to rely only on buying real replies, you can additionally order likes for your comment. Then it will definitely be at the TOP of user opinions.

Where is it more advantageous to buy Facebook comment replies

Users don't have much choice yet. There are very few services that provide such a service online. One of them is MRPOPULAR. Here, you can buy either random or custom replies.

How does one package differ from the other? If you choose to buy random replies, then messages with random content will be left on your comment. It can be a few words, a few sentences, or some emojis on the topic. As for custom replies, here you can determine on your own what exactly our workers will write in their replies indicating the necessary text for them. In other words, you just insert your replies, and they post them.

In order to buy a service, first select the category. If it is random replies, then include a link to the post you commented on, then your username and the number of replies for your comment. When choosing custom replies, do the same, but also insert the text for them in the field below.

The promotion services will start working within 24 hours after the order payment. The minimum number of replies is just one. This is how you can try the service, and if everything suits you, order more without risking anything. You can buy up to 15 answers per day.