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Buy WASD.TV clip views

How buying WASD.TV clip views helps to promote a streamer through live videos

You can become a popular streamer not only by creating unique content. If you do not cannot stream something interesting on a regular basis, you can create clips from the streams of other creators and promote a channel related to their topics. The streaming platform WASD.TV provides this opportunity to its users.

However, you should know that clips are stored on the site for only 30 days, which means that they will be deleted a month after they are posted. Therefore, you will not be able to get by with clips only if you plan to become a famous streamer. You will still have to start your own streams, but not as often as if you would have to without using clips.

What clips are and how to create them on WASD.TV

A clip is a piece of a live stream that you record while being on the stream as a viewer or creator. An important condition: only users authorized in WASD can use this feature. This option is simply not available to guests.

You can create a clip in 2 taps:

  • Click on the button in the player to the right of the gear icon.
  • Set the duration of the clip in the editor and "Save".

After that, the recording can be sent as a link to a chat or published on social networks. To view the clip, open the "Videos" tab and find your creation there!

Why you need to buy views for clips on WASD.TV

First of all, it is necessary to simulate activity. So that channel visitors see that a large number of people are watching the clips. Then they themselves will want to watch video clips that may be worthy of their attention.

Secondly, clips help retain visitors on the channel. This is positively perceived by the WASD algorithms, and videos and streams get into the TOP. This works even better when clips have a lot of views, which also does not go unnoticed by the streaming website.

Thirdly, when a clip has been watched by several tens or hundreds of thousands of people, real viewers start being interested in it. If this is a moment from your stream, you can advertise your channel or some other project during it. Then, while watching the clip, people will see your ad and perform the target action.They will follow the link, subscribe, order or buy something.

Also, thanks to clips, you will have more free time, since you will not have to stream every day. You can alternate streams with clips. This is especially useful for students who are busy with their studies and cannot sit at home at the computer all day or stream during lessons.

Is it possible to make money with clips on WASD.TV

Most of the ways to earn money are based on live streams. It is a paid subscription, a banner, video ads, and highlighting paid messages from viewers. You can earn money thanks to clips as well. However, it depends on whether you manage to get into the TOP of bloggers by the end of the month. The higher you are in this list, the more income you can count on.

For example, being in the TOP 300 of creators, you will earn 2 hundred dollars a month. But if you break out in the TOP 50 thanks to buying clip and stream views, your earnings will reach 2 thousand dollars. And this is just partner reward from the service, advertising revenue from streams will come separately.

Also, if you decide to buy views for clips on WASD, you should take into account the engagement factor. This is when you boost one metric, and thanks to this, others get promoted as well. That is, by buying clip views, you will give a boost to the natural promotion of your streams and attract real viewers to your streams. This will help you make money on advertising, paid subscriptions and highlighting user messages.

Where you can buy views for clips on WASD.TV

A streamer can get views for their clips on WASD using specialized sites like MRPOPULAR. This service provides high-quality promotion services of offers, as well as real workers. At the same time, each of the 6 categories of services differs from others in terms of quality and cost.

If you got confused and don’t understand which category to choose, we advise you to try several at once. For example, buy a boost of 5,000 views with medium-quality offers and then test high-quality real users. The number of views is decided by you, but it cannot be less than 1000.

To place an order, open the desired category, paste the previously copied link to your clip, specify the number of views and add the service to the cart. Then pay for it and wait until it is launched and fully completed. We can boost up to 50,000 views per day within one service and one clip.