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Buy Tumblr Reblogs

Discovering new social media promotion opportunities with buying Tumblr reblogs

Tumblr, to the surprise of the average social media user, is actually a very popular social network. Excellent statistics and a steady influx of new users stand by these words. It is easy to guess that people get attracted by certain features. However, the word “shticks” will be more appropriate for Tumblr since the audience of the network is young and very active users, who are also extremely creative. Tumblr has many of those shticks. Moreover, it was built on one, which is its clearly defined visual topic. “But what about the new and trendy Instagram?” you would ask. The answer is simple: it’s too boring and artificial for the fans of Tumblr.

Well, how can a “regular” image of even a very beautiful girl drawn by a modern artist with Nutella be entertaining? Uploading ordinary photos in the community of this extravagant network is considered bad manners. According to an unspoken rule, an image should be a gif and filled with some meaning, usually humorous. To prove our words, let us tell you a little-known fact: Tumblr is a very specific, but very fertile soil on which most viral memes grow. Remember Dat Boi, the frog on a motorcycle? And this is only one of the first "classic" memes that originated inside the Tumblr community. Today, 9 out of 10 viral gifs, videos or memes are born in the extraordinary minds of this blogging service’s followers.

Nevertheless, we strongly advise you not to take Tumblr as some sort of anti-social group. The community’s special character gave rise to a distinctive subculture with all the attributes that go with it.

The audience is plowed by all sorts of, like the sea by nets, agents in search of talent. And teen fashion brands, adjusting their styles to local ones, have begun a real expansion of fashion ideas into the minds of Tumblr users. All this, of course, led to a serious competition... And if the picture we painted is expressive enough, then you probably already realized how important it is now to buy Tumblr reblogs.

A bit of specifics about buying Tumblr reblogs

To buy reblogs (or reposts) is an increase in the number of cases where users who don’t follow you share your post among their followers and groups.

This process, just like on other social platforms, has a very positive effect on your post promotion. The ranking algorithm perceives a blog with a decent amount of bought reblogs as something very interesting for the audience and immediately moves it up in the recommendations. How much though? It depends on how many shares you buy.

How is effective buying reblogs for promotion?

We can’t really say it exactly in numbers since the exact mathematical formula of the ranking algorithm is a closely guarded secret, as it is for any social network. It is only known that buying Tumblr reblogs has almost the same weight as the number of followers. However, the latter factor doesn’t provide you as many bonuses. The thing is that reblogs are a direct process of increasing impressions. Mainly because a post that is shared becomes visible to the friends of the action’s initiator, as well as to their friends.

Who may benefit from buying Tumblr reblogs?

  • Any creative person who wants to achieve world fame.
  • Any social media promoter whose promotion subject is at least slightly related to the subculture and spirit of the Tumblr community.

As you can see, the range of interests suitable for promotion on this social network is very wide. Almost everyone who is interested in this network will probably buy reblogs. And even if you don’t fit into the proposed virtual portraits at all, even in this situation you can find a lot of interesting content on the platform. And after getting acquainted with it, you will probably have some of your own unique thoughts worthy of being heard. This is when you’ll need to come up with a strategy to buy Tumblr reblogs. Just create something worthy, and we will help it get shared in the vast expanses of this expressive and very non-standard social network.

Valuable tips from MRPOPULAR

The main advice we always give to our new customers is “Just try it!”. You are not losing anything, even if the platform does not suit you. Our “buy Tumblr reblogs” service costs almost nothing compared to the benefits of many post views you get. And if your fate on Tumblr turns out to be unfavorable, which with the assistance of MRPOPULAR is extremely unlikely, you still get a fair share of publicity, which is much more valuable than the small amount of money you pay.