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Buy TT Views

Buy TT views: fast, reliable, safe

Buying views on TT is the only way to really quickly promote your channel and start making money from it. Let's face it: you can be a living embodiment of charisma, your content can be genius and ready to tear the whole Internet apart... and without views, all this is completely useless.

TT's active audience of 500 million people are people who post videos and promote themselves. It is half a billion users. It's like the entire population of the United States and Russia combined. Will a beginner with three subscribers (mom, best friend and cat) get noticed among so many channels? The chances are slim.

In order for you to be noticed, for your channel to start working and for it to have a real audience, you need to start somewhere. Buying views on TT is exactly the tool that will make your start easy.

What exactly does buying TT views give a channel?

First of all, it is the attention.

You upload a video, it gets into the app and immediately drowns in a huge number of other videos. We guarantee you: no matter what you record, at least a few dozen clips on a similar topic will be posted on the same day. Usually, there are even hundreds. Looks hopeless? Maybe, but it's too early to give up: some of these videos will definitely become viral. All you need to do is make sure that your video is among the successful ones.

Now put yourselves in the user’s shoes: you are scrolling through the feed and seeing all these videos on a topic you care about. Which one should you choose if there is only a title and a preview in front of your eyes? The answer is simple: the one that has more views.

Human is a social being: we are psychologically inclined to trust the opinion of the majority. Just look at yourself: which channel on YouTube would you prefer to subscribe to, with 300 subscribers or with 20,000? Which social media post will you open: with a couple of likes or with several thousand positive ratings? It’s the same here: to buy TT views means that you are guaranteed to attract the attention of everyone who sees the video. “People are watching it, so I need to watch it too” is a rule that works without fail.

Second: buying promotion means stability.

When you buy views on TT, you don't worry about your video that you have invested a lot of time and effort into will simply disappear in the feed of other content. You don’t have unexpected failures because of a video coming out at the wrong time or it going unnoticed. You control the success of your post yourself and can be completely confident that your video goes viral.

Third: promotion is the foundation for further growth

One, two, three: with each new clip that we provide due attention, the real base of your followers grows. You will quickly gain an audience that will watch your videos. In fact, every view that you buy now will bring you tens and hundreds of views in the future. And this is exactly what we are working for: the real foundation of your success!

Is buying TT views is better than regular advertising?

It almost certainly is. See for yourself:

  • Any advertisement: contextual, direct promotion, etc. shows your video to the same people who see it in the feed. If a video has no views, it won't be viewed whether you advertise it or not. It doesn't matter if a hundred people see a preview or ten thousand. No views, no trust;
  • TT advertising is expensive. Like really expensive. It is much more efficient to buy views that bring you even better results than a traditional campaign. You should sell sponsorships yourself when your account is already promoted (it will not take much time with us);
  • Many users are biased towards direct advertising: it is annoying and is not trusted. But a video with a lot of views that got into the feed organically is a completely different matter, so it will be watched.

Summing up, buying views on TT costs less than advertising and works better. This is what we recommend!

What is the difference between the offer and real users promotion services?

We do not use automated bots, so in all cases MRPOPULAR will bring you real people who will watch the video. The difference is:

  • Offer services work like this: we pay people to watch your videos. We have a large partner network: you provide us with a budget, we create a task, and a lot of users open your video. They get paid for this, so the chances of real audience engagement (subscription, like, etc.) are lower than with real users, but you get a huge number of views quickly;
  • Real views come from regular user accounts. With the help of our partners and promotion channels, we do everything to ensure that the relevant audience is interested in your video. Such people willingly follow, put likes, write comments and show other activity.

Choose the option that suits you best!

Can you get banned for buying TT views?

If you do everything carefully and professionally, the way we do it in MRPOPULAR, there is zero threat to your account. Look at any popular account: do you think it was promoted only on its own? Nothing like that: everyone buys promotion, and their success is the best proof of your success in the future!

The main thing is not to rush and not attract the attention of the security algorithm. We know exactly at what speed you can get views, so we guarantee the optimal growth rate with complete security for your account.

Order now, and we will make you a TT star!