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Buy TT Shares

How to become a popular blogger or a recognizable brand by buying TT shares

At first, TT was exclusively a platform for teens. They would hang out here by posting videos with trying to attract attention to themselves. Over time, the audience started aging. According to statistics, the number of social network users aged 20 to 29 years old is about 30%, and from 30 to 39 years old almost 17%. There is also an older category from 40 to 49 years. It is about 14%. In other words, there are no more than one-third of teens and children on TT today. All the other users are adults, which means they can become your potential customers.

Companies that want as many real people as possible to know about their products or services, they try to promote their videos in TT recommendations. The same goes for bloggers who are eager to gain fame and monetize their channels. To do this, both these categories of users buy promotion, including shares.

What are the benefits of buying shares for businesses and bloggers

Let's start with entrepreneurs! Let's say they have a quality product that few people know about, since they used to advertise it only offline. But then, the business owner decided to start exploring the Internet: bulletin boards, marketplaces, social networks, video hosting websites, etc. He wants as many people as possible to know that they can buy his products. To do this, he records a video on TT. However, the content itself is not enough to be recommended. Views, likes, followers and shares are needed as well. Without them, only the most lucky ones will be able to get into the recommendations.

But relying on luck is not the best solution, especially in business. In order for everything to go according to plan, you need to grasp the opportunity and use all available methods. Buying reposts is just one of these methods. It is effective as it has a positive effect on the attitude of TT algorithms to a video and creates an effect of engagement that is not only difficult to achieve naturally, but also takes a long time. After boosting video stats, it will have good chances to get into the recommended section and become viral. As a result, some of the viewers who watch the video and like it, they can be converted into real customers and make you a profit.

Bloggers have a different goal, but the path to it is exactly the same. They want to become popular and start earning from ads through channel monetization or the implementation of ad integrations. To do this, a blogger needs to have at least several hundred thousand real followers subscribed, or better millions. Then the offers from companies will allow him not to work and live a nice life thanks to sponsorships.

Bloggers can order promotion from other more popular colleagues, make paid collaborations, pay for posts to gain fame. But if they don’t have enough money for this, there remains a cheaper alternative: to buy views, followers and shares, which will make a TT video recommended quickly. In terms of cost, it will be several times cheaper than ads, but it will be the same in terms of efficiency.

How to prepare a TT page for buying shares

Before buying shares, you need get your account together. If there is no profile image, it must be uploaded. To make yourself easily and quickly discoverable on the social network, come up with a short and memorable name! It should be associated with the theme of the channel. That is, if you record videos about cars, the username should reflect this.

Write a short text description where you talk about your channel, the content you post, about yourself personally or about your brand, products. People should understand what awaits them after pressing on the "Play" button...

Post your best videos! Do not forget add thematic hashtags that users use to search for similar content. 4 or 5 top hashtags will be enough to get you into the recommended section.

Where you can buy shares from real users in TT

There are a lot of ways to buy shares. Some may take part in the exchange of services by sharing themselves and getting the same in return. Some buy promotion from services. It is important to understand that when you add your account to some system by entering the username and password, there are no guarantees that the profile will not fall into the wrong hands and will not be used for bad purposes. Therefore, we do not recommend saving on buying promotion like that. The risks are too great.

In order not to risk losing your account on TT, buy a promotion on MRPOPULAR! Here you do not need to provide data from your account, you just need to specify a link to the video and indicate the desired number of shares. After that, you pay for the service and wait for it to be completed. Our service allows you to buy up to 2000 real shares per day with a minimum order of 50 reposts. The start is within 5 hours.