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Buy TT Likes & Hearts

Some surprising tips for buying TT likes and hearts

Active Internet users in their overwhelming majority are either members of the TT community or at least once used the app. The platform’s popularity is growing at an incredible pace. This is a fresh and bold alternative to traditional video hosting sites. And as it usually happens with an explosive growth of something new and incomprehensible, more conservative users reject it, which is expressed in numerous memes. But doesn't this hype confirm the project’s incredible prospects?

Yes, TT is called a “fast food social network” for a reason. And this is more of a compliment than anti-advertising, given how real fast food restaurants dominate the preferences of modern consumers. However, the platform of video-musical fast food has one huge advantage over the aforementioned food service. In the latter, all the visitors are equal, and the former rightly puts its bright and talented personalities on the pedestal of fame. To get a right to be elected is to buy TT likes and hearts. Do you want to know how to take this throne, which is called “Recommendations” on this social network? Then keep reading.

Buying a lot of likes is not the only way to becoming popular. To be exact, it is the most efficient among a set of measures to achieve your ambitious goal. Yes, as in any life task, only a complex approach will help achieve success. We’ll talk about this effective, simple, but a bit costly tool later. First, read how you can do self-promotion without buying TT likes.

Self-promotion without buying TT likes


Looks are everything. If you adapt this logic to TT, then it will be something like this: profile presentation is everything. And if your profile arouses interest, then users will watch its videos. Well, if your video is a masterpiece, then they’ll definitely like and follow your account. And this is how you self-promote without buying TT likes. We’ll talk later about how to make videos attractive. Now, some tips on how to make your profile presentation attractive.

  • Nickname (name). Use the Latin alphabet. Do not forget that the number of users of this network has exceeded one billion, and English names, preferably with a bright semantic root, are perceived much better. P.S. Google to the rescue.
  • Profile image. It’s better not to put images from cartoons, comics and other areas of visual art. It is old, unoriginal, and not interesting. People are primarily attracted to the image of a real person, and some Homer Simpson can simply push your guest away. So, the photo should be not only real, but also attractive. A good photographer with a professional camera or an omnipotent Photoshop can help you. But you shouldn’t get carried away with the latter, as it may annoy others.
  • Description. Great. The visitor got attracted by your profile image. Then they’ll definitely read the description. It plays a decisive role. If you make the welcome text attractive — you won’t even need to buy TT likes. In short, the welcome text should be as intriguing as possible, but at the same time make sense. Do you belong to a fashion or artistic profession? Be sure to indicate this with the appropriate emoji. If not, there’s nothing bad in making up a little. The same can be said about where you live. It is better to indicate the biggest nearest city, as unfamiliar names of little towns cause incomprehension in the minds of teenagers. Otherwise, you’ll definitely have to consider buying likes.
  • Welcome video. Everything's simple here, almost like with the profile image. The video should represent the perfect image of you. Therefore, show that you are better and prettier than everyone, preferably emphasising this fact with some unique skill. We will not mention the appearance because it, of course, should be impeccable. If you did everything right, then your self-promotion may start working even without buying TT likes and hearts.


  • In general. First of all, some old but useful advice: your video should be of high-quality, original and attractive. And if the camera’s resolution is not that important, then the hype around it is a paramount condition for TT promotion. Your video should attract other users with how bright it is. No one wants to look into a dark screen, where your face is barely visible. Use more light. If you don’t have artificial light, then choose the time with the best natural conditions. Here’s some more tips on how to make a video that is guaranteed to get into recommendations.
  • Music. Try to feel and follow the musical trends. For example, a popular artist releases a new track, which is sure to hit the world charts. Lip sync it in your video and you’ll be surprised how fast your self-promotion will go even without buying TT likes. In addition, popular pop artists often hold contests dedicated to their releases in order to improve publicity. Its participants are invited to shoot their own video for the new song. Be sure to participate, and you are guaranteed to get a lot of likes. But this is the best-case scenario. If you are not a musical trends guru, then just use music, which is already popular. This will give a significant boost to your self-promotion.
  • Hashtags. Many people don’t know it, but in order to increase your video’s chance to get into recommendations, you just need to add a corresponding hashtag. Along with many others, we prescribe using #recommendations and that's it, you are guaranteed to succeed. To increase the chances even more, you need to add other hashtags from the trending list. Even if your video is not closely related to them, you should still use them. No one will punish you for that.
  • Perfect timing. There is another way that will require your observation and experimentation skills. Its point is to post your new video at rush hour. But we use this definition not in its traditional sense, which is when the city streets are overloaded with people. On TT, rush hour means peak audience. That is, the number of users on the social network, which is ready to like your video. Analyze when it happens. Maybe it is in the first hours after teens come from school, maybe it’s in the evening before they go to bed. Try uploading videos at different hours and watch how they perform. Then analyze how fast your self-promotion without buying TT likes goes. Learn the most favorable time, and you’ll get an advantage.
  • Editing. TT provides decent editing features for your videos. But the mobile app is still a mobile app with all its limited capabilities. Try using PC video editing software. Experiment with filters, try to get the best image of you.
  • Communicating with the audience. Take the time to chat with your followers and fans. The more comments there are under a video, the lower are the chances you’ll need to buy likes. And new comments stimulate the answers to the questions you’ve already answered. You can also be tricky and insert a question for your followers in the video description. But in this case don’t blame us for not getting enough sleep. However, the results of self-promotion you’ll see in the morning will pleasantly surprise you and may not require buying TT likes.
  • Slow motion. In short, people like slow motion. Use it as often as possible, but don’t overdo it.

In conclusion, let’s return to how important buying a lot of TT likes and hearts is important. As we’ve already said, a truly fast and steady promotion on this dynamic platform is possible only if you use all the measures in a cohesive manner. All the techniques listed above certainly work, but they contribute only a little to your conquest of popularity. The most effective and fundamental way is to buy a significant number of likes using specialised services such as MRPOPULAR. We remind you that by opening the search engine page, you can find a hundred or two similar offers. But only we have an impeccable reputation. And only MRPOPULAR guarantees excellent promotion results!