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Buy TT comments

How to do promotion on TT by buying TT comments

Despite the fact that TT came about relatively recently, more than a billion people are already using it. Everyone dreams of becoming a popular blogger in order to start making money on sponsorship advertising. According to statistics, influencers with 2.5 million followers earn between $600 and $1,000 per one ad post. Considering that ads can be published at least once a day, the earnings of a famous creator on TT can reach $ 30,000 per month.

How buying comments can help a beginner TT user

Newcomers to this social network, who have only recently begun to record and upload real videos on TT, may encounter some difficulties. The thing is that their videos may go unnoticed, even if they are high quality.

This often happens due to the fact that there are too many people who want to be recommended and become famous influencers. The opportunities are limited. You can't multiply something by 0 and end up with a positive value. The same goes for TT. When there are no comments on a video, too few views, and even less followers than fingers on your hand, it is impossible to be included the recommendation feed.

In order to use the mechanism of social proof, or simply herd instinct, you need to boost your video stats. You should especially pay attention to buying comments. Often, viewers find an outlet for their emotions in the section of other people’s opinions. They can share their own perspective on the situation or just read other people's comments and laugh.

The main effect of buying comments is to create an illusion of engagement. When a person sees that posts are commented by other people, they start thinking that such activity can only be on a good channel. That means they will want to stay longer and watch a few videos. If they like them, they will follow and put likes, as well as leave a few of their own comments. This is how you can get a real engaged audience and promote your channel on TT.

In addition, activity in the form of comments is also taken into account by social network algorithms. They measure various stats like views, likes, comments and determine where a video will be ranked in the search results, as well as in the recommended section.

How to boost TT stats correctly

Buying comments or views is easy. Any Internet user who has been online for more than a day will be able to do this. But how can you make buying services look natural and not arouse suspicion from TT or its users? You need follow certain limits and increase the stats evenly.

Let's say you want to order 50 comments for your TT video. It would be strange if a video was watched only by 20 people, but 50 people expressed their opinions on it. It will be immediately clear that you bought promotion services. To avoid such situations, it is best to first buy several thousand views, a couple of tens or hundreds of likes, and only then move on to comments. Then no one will suspect you of buying promotion services.

You should also follow the limits of this social network. You should not try to buy a million views per second or 1000 comments per minute. This looks very unnatural and can be punished by drops or even account bans. It is better to add comments little by little and spread this process over time. Of course, it all depends on the popularity of the account, since only million followers accounts can have people writing 100 comments per second.

Before you buy promotion, you need to post the most interesting videos that you have. Since even if there are a lot of opinions and views on your videos, but their content is really bad, real users will still get the impression that they were deceived somehow. In addition to high-quality videos, you should not forget to optimize them. In the description of each post, it is necessary to leave topic hashtags that the blogger wants to be recommended with.

Where you can buy TT comments

There are a lot of sites that provide such services on the Internet. But only a few do it as well as MRPOPULAR. On our service, users can order random, emoji or custom comments from real people.

If you select the emoji ones, emojis will be posted on a video instead of words. When choosing random comments, viewers will write random text. Before making an order, you can choose the language of comments:

  • English
  • Russian
  • French
  • Spanish

As for the custom opinions, here bloggers can write their own comments. This can be useful if a creator has a clear vision of what the text content should be and how to compose it correctly. Need comments for TT? Order them from MRPOPULAR and enjoy our high-quality!