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homeSpotifyplaylist plays

playlist plays Spotify



playlist plays Spotify



playlist plays Spotify



Buy Spotify playlist plays

How to become a popular singer or musician by buying playlist plays on Spotify

The Spotify music platform has been working for about 16 years, that is, since 2006. It hosts hundreds of thousands of artists who dream of becoming famous. And some of them actually succeed. First, their tracks get into the TOP charts of local stations, then they attract a large number of fans, and after that they are noticed by managers and recording studios. From this moment begins the life that the recently unknown musicians and singers only dreamed of.

But there are always a lot of people who fight for the place under the sun. Therefore, it is very difficult to break through this crowd without buying promotion services. You need either serious investments in advertising or extraordinary luck. Both of these options clearly do not apply to beginner artists. Therefore in order not to rely on chance, beginners buy plays for their tracks and playlists on Spotify to boost their own promotion.

How buying playlist plays affects the artist's page

Even the most talented musicians or singers can have a hard time gaining popularity on Spotify. The only ones who can get promoted here without any effort are already well-known artists. For example, if Eminem had not been on this platform, and he decided to register there, he would not be unnoticed there for long. Tens or hundreds of thousands of followers would subscribe to his page in a few hours. But you are obviously not the most popular white rapper in the world, so you have to put in more effort.

After you upload your best tracks into a playlist, you need to buy plays for it. This will give your promotion a boost that will later become decisive and will be able to provide organic popularization. Let's look at this situation with a specific example!

You bought 50,000 plays in a few days. This added popularity to your profile, your playlist starts getting noticed and listened to by real people. The more such real listeners there are, the higher you move up the ladder of fame. 1000 real plays = 1 step towards the top of the world.

But keep in mind that when promotion services are done only by bots, the artist’s profile can get banned. This is why we advise you to order both bots and real people with offers. This will minimize the risk of a ban and protect your page from the sad consequences due to the site rules violation.

How to prepare your Spotify page for promotion

If you have just a few tracks, upload them into a playlist. And if there are dozens of songs, create albums and distribute your content among them. This will help future listeners to navigate better among your content.

We also recommend that you upload your photo to the page cover. Pay special attention to this, because when you open the artist's profile, the cover is the first thing that a person sees. In the future, they may become your devoted fan. The photo must be in high resolution and specific proportions. To do this, you can edit and fit it to the desired format or entrust this matter to the site itself.

In addition to the cover, you can upload your profile image. It is not necessary to put your own photo on it, but it is better to place something in your style. It can be the cover of your latest album, your painted portrait or your signature.

Only the best songs should be added to the playlist. Only the ones that your acquaintances or casual listeners spoke about positively. This way you will attract real listeners faster, and then you will be able to add to the playlist your other tracks that cannot be called hits, but are also worthy of the fans attention.

Where you can buy Spotify playlist plays

You can order streams for your playlist on MRPOPULAR. You have a choice of 3 audience options:

  • Bots.
  • Offers.
  • Real.

We advise you to choose offers or real users. Surely, they are more expensive than bots, but this kind of promotion services is much safer. You could use bots as well. If you mix them with real users or offers, then Spotify will not suspect anything.

To order the service, you need to specify the playlist URL, indicate the number of plays which starts from 20 thousand units, and pay for the order. You can buy up to 5000 plays per day on our service. This limit is enforced for security reasons to prevent our clients' pages from being banned.

Do you want to become a famous musician or singer? Start by buying plays! This is how you can quickly get promoted on Spotify without spending a lot of money on advertising and waiting for many years to get lucky and noticed by somebody. Take your destiny into your own hands and become a popular artist with MRPOPULAR promotion services!