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Buy Snapchat Likes

How to increase product or service sales by buying likes on Snapchat

In 2021, Snapchat's ad revenue reached $2.6 billion. What do these numbers mean for users promoting their business in this messenger? Many companies have already realized that this is the power of Snapchat ads. They spend huge budgets not for nothing, but in order to attract real customers. These expenses not only pay off, but bring a lot of profit. If you want to follow this example of success and explore new markets, think about buying promotion on Snapchat!

It would seem that promotion services have nothing to do with it. After all, potential buyers come either from official advertising, through the recommendations of friends, or from the search in the app itself. But what do all these people see when they go to the profile of a company or an entrepreneur? The number of subscribers, likes, posts, and everything else. If these indicators are at zero, then most visitors will leave without buying anything. These are not only useless expenses, but also the decline of the entire business as a whole, including the sales level. To prevent this, Snapchat users often buy likes.

Who lives on Snapchat: some statistics

More than half a billion people use this messenger every month. They live all over the world. Most of its audience is concentrated in India, USA, France, Pakistan, Great Britain, Saudi Arabia, and other countries. They are followed by countries with a smaller population on Snapchat, but no less solvent.

One fifth of all users are between the ages of 18 and 24. And only 17% of users are over 35. If the business you run is aimed at the young gen Z, you will definitely be able to carve out a niche for yourself on Snapchat. For this to happen, your products or services must be in demand among young people. For example, mobile or computer equipment, modern gadgets or clothes.

It is also worth considering that 90% of Snapchat inhabitants use Instagram. Snapchat is a good alternative that could easily replace Instagram. The same goes for Facebook as well, since there are lot of messenger users there.

63% of the Snapchat audience who actively use the app on a daily basis use augmented reality masks and filters. That is, if you develop your own filter and implement it with the mention of the brand in the messenger, about 200 million real people can learn about your business and offers. And some of them are guaranteed to want to buy or order something from you, thus generating income.

How to use promotion to convert traffic into customers

Buying likes on Snapchat is not difficult, there are various services for this. But what is it for and how is it useful in practice? Imagine that you set up advertising in the messenger, deposit several hundred dollars into your account, you start getting targeted traffic to your page, but how can you convert it into real buyers? To do this, you need to meet 3 conditions, two of which are about promotion services:

  • Place selling offers in your profile.
  • Get a few thousand followers.
  • Buy a few hundred likes.

The last two conditions are part of social engineering, or rather proof. When people see other users showing some activity on the page before them, they start thinking that there are good offers and content there. As a result, they subscribe to the account, put likes, read posts, and make purchases.

In other words, the bought stats are needed to get rid of doubts, convince potential customers that they need what you offer. If you put ads on an empty page, the percentage of conversion of visitors into real buyers will be several times lower. The sales and advertising budget will be wasted in this case.

Where you can order likes for Snapchat

You can buy likes for Snapchat on MRPOPULAR! This service allows you to buy likes of low, medium or high quality.

To place an order, select the service category, enter the link you are boosting, enter the number of likes and make the payment!

Promotion will start within 24 hours.