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homeRedditresponses to comments

responses to comments Reddit



responses to comments Reddit



Buy Reddit comment replies

How to deal with negativity and promote communitis with the help of buying replies to comments on Reddit

How do Internet creators become popular and companies increase sales? Only with user activity. Speaking specifically about Reddit, it is expressed in upvotes, downvotes, subscribers and comments. Without these metrics, any activity on social networks is meaningless, since these reactions are a great way to express your opinion, support a blogger or brand and help them earn revenue.

There always were and will be haters and dissatisfied customers. They can scare off new subscribers or discourage potential buyers from making a purchase. How do they do it? By writing negative comments on the posts of a creator or company. It is possible and necessary to deal with this phenomenon. And one of the ways is to buy replies.

How to get rid of bad and hate reviews in comments

The easiest and most obvious option is to remove everything you don't like. However, this may seriously affect your company’s or your own reputation. Those who are dissatisfied will tell everyone how their opinion is simply ignored and deleted as if nothing had happened. They will involve other accounts, attract friends to make new comments. As a result, there will be more negativity than there was at the start.

So what to do? You can buy comment replies. These responses will cancel out the negative feedback and devalue any message they convey. For example, a competitor sent a hater to you who was paid for a bad review. He wrote that he had bought a product from you, but it turned out to be of poor quality. First, respond on behalf of your store or brand asking for proof of purchase if there is one. Then, if evidence is presented, apologize and promise to take measures! If no confirmation was sent, you can simply ignore it. Immediately buy positive replies to the comment. They may contain opposite information. Which is that other people previously bought the same product or ordered the same service and everything was fine and there were no issues. Obviously, all this should be written by different users, in different languages and at different times.

10 good reviews in the form of responses to one negative comment will definitely reduce all negativity to zero and help avoid losing customers and damaging your reputation.

Can comment replies help a community get to the Home page

Everyone who is registered on Reddit dreams of being in the Home feed. After all, this is a direct path to the pinnacle of fame, which means an increase in income and in popularity. Posts that get a lot of views, upvotes and opinions get there. In other words, any user activity is important, including replies to comments.

What is a reply? In fact, this is the same comment, only left under a message of another person. The more such answers there are, the sooner a post will be on the main page. This is how it will be noticed by tens of thousands of people minimum. At most, it can reach millions. Especially if this post is viral and resonates in the hearts of many people.

How would a subreddit benefit from getting content on the Home feed? A huge stream of traffic will pour into the community, some of which will turn into subscribers or even real customers. The latter can order a service or buy a product, thereby bringing profit to the company or entrepreneur. Those users who do not subscribe and do not become customers can simply be active in the form of likes and comments, making the group even more popular.

Where you can buy replies to comments on Reddit

If you need cheap and at the same time high-quality replies, buy promotion from MRPOPULAR social media services! You have 2 options to choose from:

  • Random replies (with random text).
  • Custom replies (with your text).

In the first case, users write what they want, but on the topic of the post. In the second, they leave replies with the exact content you specified. You can add up to 15 comment replies per day. The service starts within one day.