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Buy Reddit Downvotes

Buy Reddit downvotes: tricky, but effective

Many of those involved in social media marketing are aware of dishonest competition methods in various areas. On social networks, the things are the same as in the real world. Only the confrontation between competitors is much tougher and more decisive. This is partly due to a low personal responsibility that manifests in lowly human characteristics like impunity since it is much easier to hide in the virtual spaces than in real life.

However, we are not psychologists trying to understand the cause and effect of dirty social media competition. We only state that the cases of negative PR and smearing campaigns among similar companies are happening more often. MRPOPULAR is completely neutral in these cases. We are an efficient weapon. Only out of a necessity, and guided by moral qualities, you choose how to use our firepower: perhaps for defense or maybe for attack.

The list of our services has quite a few tricks that could be attributed to the “negative PR” section. However, we are forced to have them since otherwise it would be difficult to treat us as serious players on the social media promotion market. Among such methods, to buy Reddit downvotes is perhaps the easiest one, and therefore effective.

However, the simplicity of its implementation depends on one important thing: whether you have enough active Reddit accounts. This kind of resource is almost impossible to obtain yourself. This will take a lot of time and even more SIM cards. Taking advantage of the acquired potential on your own will be like managing an army of puppets by yourself. Well, if you still don’t get it, then we will start with the definitions.

What is buying Reddit downvotes?

As you know, posts on Reddit get into the top of recommendations by simple voting. The service is completely free from any ranking mechanisms, and only the number of user responses determines the post position in the Reddit news feed. More specifically, there are positive marks called Upvotes and negative ones called Downvotes. Their discrepancy, in case there are more than one of each, is the main and only measure of posts in the feed.

At the same time, Reddit is a simple info board where you can place a post with any link from the Internet. This is how you can advertise any site, product or person. In light of our topic, and if someone forgot that we are talking about buying downvotes, by using it, you can easily bury an advertised item in a heap of worthless spam.

Is it possible to get Reddit downvotes on your own without buying them?

A few lines above, we tried to imagine a situation where a person suddenly wanted to lower someone’s post in the Reddit feed by buying downvotes. And as you already understood, it’s impossible to do it without a lot of filled out and updated accounts. However, let's consider even hypothetical options. After all, you are on the MRPOPULAR website, and it is customary for us to cover the topic as much as we can by giving you the opportunity to choose.

This is why we can’t ignore the situation where after promoting your account so much that your followers looking at your divine “karma” (karma is an indicator of the author’s activity and demand on Reddit) at the very first word massively press the dislike button, i.e. carry out the service of buying downvotes. “But how can you quickly attract the flock?” you ask. It's all very simple, but just as tiring. Next, standard tips for self-promotion on the service.

Buying downvotes through self-promotion on Reddit

To promote your account you need:

  • Immerse yourself in the general topic of a discussion. Then, upon understanding the issue, get involved in the discussion. Support your information with links, preferably with images. If you do it, in a year you will have enough supporters to help you with buying downvotes.
  • During this initial period, make sure that your posts comply with all the rules of Reddit. Also try to avoid repetitions, i.e. only post links to the latest news.
  • Get more comments on your posts in any way that does not contradict the rules. Intrigue, challenge, discuss. However, you should look again at the first two points. In one of these discussions, in about a year, you can ask your audience to help you with the buying downvotes service.

That is, perhaps, all that can be advised for self-promotion as a step on the path to buy downvotes on your own and without outside help. Well, to those who don’t want to spend years of time and a huge amount of effort and energy, welcome to MRPOPULAR. We have many active Reddit accounts which will quickly and efficiently complete the service of buying downvotes for a post. In addition, it costs mere pennies compared to the losses of your competitors in the promotion on Reddit.