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Buy Quora shares

How buying shares on Quora helps you promote your services or products

On Quora, users from all over the world ask each other interesting questions and get comprehensive answers. But knowledge sharing is not the only benefit of this resource. It can also be used to promote services or products. Buying promotion services for such indicators as likes, comments and shares helps speed this up. Thanks to such activity, you can quickly increase the amount of your potential customers or targeted subscribers who can then order or purchase something.

How to sell your service or product using shares on Quora

Regular ads are usually perceived negatively. The site admins are not always fond of such content either, unless it was agreed upon by the entrepreneur (company) and the owner of the site beforehand. Therefore, we do not recommend promoting your commercial interests directly. However, you can use such a marketing tool as hidden advertising. How does it look like on Quora?

A user asks a question asking about a specific brand, service, product, or specialist. People answer the question and share their opinions in the comments: whether it’s worth to buy or order something, what is the quality of goods or services, and much more. It is clear that you will be both asking and answering this question, but from different profiles so that everything looks natural. However, comments alone are not enough. In order for an advertising post to be seen by as many people as possible, it must be shared. That is, it should be reposted. The more shares there are, the more often the question will be shown to people whose interests resonate with the topic it touches on.

But there is another way. For example, do not mention a specific brand, product or person, but simply ask for advice on the right product or a competent specialist. In the answers section, you should indicate the product or service that you want to promote and sell to a large number of people. In order for hundreds of thousands of people to see these recommendations, you need to buy more shares.

What results can you expect from buying shares and other Quora metrics? The most important thing is an increase in real traffic that can be converted into client traffic. Even those visitors who will not buy anything from you can simply follow your page to keep track of new posts. Of course, this will only be possible if you already have something interesting posted.

How to improve the position of a site in the search results with Quora shares

Practically any company or entrepreneur has a website that they use to sell goods / services. The positions of this resource can be slightly improved if they buy cheap shares for a question in Quora. What conditions must be met for this? The question should contain a link to the promoted site. It’s better if there is text accompanying the link, and not just a lone link.

Example: “The other day I stumbled across an interesting site. I saw some unusual items there that I have not seen anywhere else. Judging by the reviews, the store can be trusted, they have orders. If anyone is interested, here’s the link: *site_link*.”

Yes, it is clear that this is an advertisement. But still, it is well-written, in the format of a recommendation, with a unique text environment and the right message. Search engines like such posts, improving their positions among other links. If you make about 20 shares of such a publication, then in addition to improving SEO indicators, the question can get to the Main page, and tens or even hundreds of thousands of people will see it. As you remember, each of them can become a buyer of your product or a service customer.

Where is the best place to buy Quora shares

The most suitable service for this purpose is called MRPOPULAR. It offers its customers a choice of 3 share packages:

  • Cheap (low quality).
  • Optimal (medium quality).
  • First class (high quality).

Which one suits you personally, decide for yourself! Get promoted on Quora with MRPOPULAR!