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Buy Quora Downvotes

Buy Quora downvotes: who needs them and why?

Quora's main mission is to make the world clearer and more informative using a Q&A format. Here, people share their knowledge on thousands of topics while simultaneously promoting themselves and their expertise. The platform was created as a social network, where users can follow each other, like and dislike posts. It is dislikes, or downvotes as they are called on Quora, that will be discussed later.

Dislikes (downvotes) are used to lower the rating of an answer. Each minus from a follower takes away one vote. If a post collects too much "negativity", it collapses and disappears from the feed of all Quora users. This is how controversial questions on the topics of racism, violence, war, politics get pushed out of the platform.

However, this feature has another purpose: you can quickly promote your own question or answer. To do this, you need to send as many negative reactions as possible to the posts of your opponents. It is not easy to do such an activity on your own, it is much easier and faster to buy Quora downvotes.

Promotion using downvotes: how does it work?

Quora is available around the whole world. The platform is used by millions of people from many countries daily. People not only ask and answer interesting questions here, but use this resource to promote companies or brands. It's simple: by writing your link in a question or answer, you can get good traffic to the site expanding the amount of fans and saving up on buying promotion, etc.

But you can turn this into reality only in one case: your post must be the best. Only really good answers rank first in the ranking and get millions of views and subscriptions. Is it easy to reach the top organically? Of course not. After all, you need to get a lot of upvotes from users in order for your answer to be the best. Buying Quora downvotes allows you not to bother with such things, but simply lower the positions of other answers. This puts your post at the top of the rankings.

Getting downvotes on Quora will be relevant if:

  • you are promoting a company: you can lower answers with links to similar products or direct competitors;
  • you need to ban a criticizing or negative answer, sometimes such posts are addressed to a specific author, brand;
  • you need to be seen as an expert in a particular field: you buy downvotes on other expert answers to remove them from the search results.

Such a promotion will work 100%, since Quora does not require a comment to downvote. Besides, your competitors will not receive any notifications about them, nor will the number of negative votes be displayed, since the process is completely anonymous. An “undesirable” post will simply lose its ranking and disappear. The platform does not allow to restore collapsed answers, so they disappear forever.

I will do it myself, I will do everything myself...

Of course, you can do the promotion of buying downvotes on Quora yourself. But there is one caveat: you cannot put more than one downvote on a post. That is, after giving a negative response to each of your competitors, your fight for the first place will end there. In addition, the site moderators will suspect something suspicious and may impose sanctions on your account or your answer.

If you want to do promotion of answers yourself, it is much easier to make high-quality content and put your knowledge and soul into it. And then hope that your talent will be appreciated, and the answer will be the most useful and professional among the rest.

But that's not all. For self-promotion, you need to monitor the tastes and preferences of potential subscribers, interact with other posts on your topic, and build up a follower base from other social networks. This will take years of practice, endurance and patience.

Clear benefit from buying Quora downvotes

Getting downvotes on Quora has 3 undeniable advantages:

  • You can raise your ranking very quickly by lowering the rating of other answers.
  • Make the post more visible and get a huge number of followers and credits for each of them.
  • Increase the target audience and traffic of potential customers to the site, as well as promote your name or a specific product.

Buying downvotes creates organic activity, because each vote is put by a specific person. No bots! Complete safety and real accounts. Your answers will simply bypass your competitors, instantly pushing them out of the discussion.

By the way, according to the research of several reputable companies, you can get up to 20 million monthly site visits with Quora. You just need to write an answer that contains your link and get it to the top of the rankings. Think about it: maybe it's time to start?

Contact MRPOPULAR: we will help you with promotion services!

MRPOPULAR has several million accounts of real people in its possession. For a small price, we will complete the service of buying downvotes for a post. Here you can choose several options of buying Quora downvotes, the quality and price of which will differ depending on the choice. The prices are for 10 downvotes per post.

So this is how it works. You answer a question and wait for the audience's reaction. If there is no positive effect or the percentage of upvotes is too low, just copy the URL address of the leader's response and paste it to a special form on our website to buy promotion. Then you pay for the order. You can order any number of downvotes, but be careful: one link per order.

Working with us guarantees you a quick promotion on Quora. The results are visible immediately. Choose our service for buying downvotes, and we will help you become popular!