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Buy Quora comments

How to grab the attention of millions of users by buying comments on Quora

Quora is a Q&A service with over 600 million monthly users. Most users are from the US, Australia, UK, India and Canada. Each of them can become your follower or even a real client if you provide any services or sell goods.

Questions are ranked according to the shown activity. That is, the more likes and comments a question has, the higher it will be in the recommendation feed. This can and should be used if you want to draw public attention to an important topic or provide your business with a cheap inflow of potential buyers.

Why posts are more effective than questions on Quora

The platform offers its users the creation of 2 content options:

  • Plain text question without additional parameters.
  • Post with text formatting and attaching images.

Which post do you think will attract more attention: a short question or a formatted text (highlighting important points, breaking into paragraphs) with an attached image? The answer is obvious, and it is in favor of the 2 option.

Any image, be it a drawing or a photograph, immediately attracts people's attention. If a person sees several complete posts mixed with text questions in the feed, then the first thing they notice is the image, and then the accompanying text. After all this, they can see the usual question. That is why experienced authors do not publish questions, but posts, at the same time spending effort on making them interesting.

Such posts get likes, comments, and shares very quickly. If there is no activity, it can be simulated by buying several hundred / thousand upvotes. As a result, a further natural promotion is guaranteed, as well as the post making it to the TOP.

Why else you need to buy Quora comments

The answers on this site can be helpful in both quantity and content. We have already discussed the quantity. The more comments there are, especially in combination with likes, the more likely the question will be in the recommendation feed. But what about the content? After all, bought replies are less useful than the real ones!

In this case, we are not talking about the practical benefits of comments, but about their essence. Let's say you created a question, “I'm going to buy hair dryer of this brand. I haven't come across this brand before. What can you tell me about it from your experience?” To advertise a brand or a specific product, you can buy good comments for it that will carry a positive semantic load. Regular visitors will read the answers and think that they are written by real people. Based on this data, they may become interested in the product and buy it in the future.

Who is this promotion method suitable for? We believe that it is the companies and brands that have just started to present their products and are not yet known on the market. They are not recognizable yet, which can be fixed and improved by buying promotion services. Workers for hire can use it for the purpose of self-promotion. For example, write a post: “I often have back pain around the shoulder blades and lower back. I was advised to contact this chiropractor. Have any of the locals visited him? Is he a good professional?” And so on and so forth following this scheme.

In addition to content, replies also work on a quantitative level. In this case, one does not exclude the other. The more comments you write, the higher your post will rise above other questions and the more attention it will get.

Where to buy comments on Quora

There are several services on the Internet that provide such services. However, few of them offer their customers the same choice and prices as MRPOPULAR. On this site, you can buy 2 types of cheap comments:

  • Random (with random text, but relevant to the topic of the question).
  • Custom (with texts that you specify yourself).

Which of these options suits you best, decide for yourself! Having chosen the right one, you will only have to indicate the link to the post, indicate the number of replies and, if your choice fell on custom comments, enter them in a special field. After that, you simply pay for the order and wait for it to launch and be completed by our specialists.