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Buy LinkedIn Followers

To buy LinkedIn followers as a basis for promotion

LinkedIn is a unique social network dedicated to developing business through the search for new partners and highly qualified employees. The atmosphere prevailing on the platform is woven from concrete business ties and relations. The average age of users is 44 years, which is a result of that. Such a solid age limit does not lead to shallow talk and rash actions, which drives any kind of business relations. And since we mentioned the statistics, the following figures will be more than convincing.

LinkedIn is:

  • 590 million registered users;
  • 300 million active accounts;
  • the network covers 150 industries;
  • there are users from 200 countries;
  • people are communicating in 24 languages;
  • when the service was bought by Microsoft in 2016, it was estimated at 26.5 billion dollars.

Considering that the majority of community members are specialists in their fields, LinkedIn is very effective as a means of promoting business communications. And as you improve your networking skills, your chances of finding a loyal employer or skilled employee are getting higher as well.

However, the service is different from other online recruiting sites as it still has the basic features of traditional social networks, including the ranking algorithm, which makes promotion mandatory. One of the most effective elements of this process can be buying LinkedIn followers. It will be the main topic of the article.

How buying LinkedIn followers helps promotion

We will not analyze in this article other necessary features of a successful profile, such as past jobs proven by employment in several well-known companies, as well as confirmed skills. Suppose that you have everything in order and your profile is quite competitive by these factors. Then, the employer or potential partner who search by criteria and skills see a long list of profiles. And, in accordance with the laws of social networks, they see first those resumes that were brought to the top by the ranking mechanism.

You should buy LinkedIn followers because the algorithm is mathematical in nature. The fact of buying them speaks of your activity and involvement in the community. And if you got your skills and career in check, then buying followers will give you a tangible advantage over other similar accounts. It's like getting into the front row of a huge crowd, where you get to be chosen among other few people.

How you should buy followers to maximize your chances of success on LinkedIn

The main difference between LinkedIn and other social networks lies in its audience. They are mostly professionals with an analytical mindset. And they hope that you expect the quality of your followers to be checked. This is why it only makes sense to buy LinkedIn followers who have active accounts. Moreover, the value of such a background increases if most of the followers are with you on the same topic.

Imagine: you are trying to find a remote IT job in a prestigious foreign company specializing in, say, Scala. The employer found your profile because you’ve decided to buy a lot of followers. Then, first of all, your skills and experience will be checked, and only then they’ll verify your circle of LinkedIn followers. It will be a huge advantage if there are many people who know the Scala programming language among them. For a meticulous employer this will mean that you constantly communicate with colleagues, share thoughts and fresh ideas with them, which will undoubtedly speak of your professionalism.

In other words, if you are considering to buy LinkedIn followers, then carefully inquire about the quality of the accounts where you want to buy them. If you buy empty profiles, then you may get the opposite effect of what you were expecting.

And what does MRPOPULAR offer?

MRPOPULAR has everything to provide you this service at the highest level. And although the service of buying LinkedIn followers is relatively new for us, we already have a significant number of “real” accounts specializing in different areas of the economy. They, along with the team of our social media specialists, will provide you with fast, and most importantly, safe service of buying followers, which will significantly strengthen your position on LinkedIn. In addition, it is not very expensive, especially if you take into account the fact that with a large number of followers you will increase your credibility. And this is the main currency on LinkedIn.