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Buy LinkedIn Endorsements

Buying LinkedIn endorsements is an obvious necessity

Anyone, who knows at least a little about how specific the LinkedIn social network is, will probably agree that after making a profile you need to buy endorsements. Otherwise, you may use your new account only for following the activity of other users. However, if you have more ambitious plans, for example, to find a better job or to find a qualified partner, then you just need to buy endorsements. Why? We will explain a bit later. In the meantime, here’s a few words about the social network itself. Even though we first established that this text is for the people who are familiar with LinkedIn, there will probably be those who are just starting to use this excellent business tool. LinkedIn is:

  • The largest recruiting social network service.
  • A community of professionals organized across 150 industries.
  • The ability to create groups by specialization area, find colleagues and share thoughts with them within the profession.
  • Millions of different companies looking for qualified professionals or business partners.
  • 590 million registered users.
  • 300 million active accounts.
  • There are users from 200 countries.
  • Communication in 24 languages.

The value and popularity of LinkedIn are confirmed by the incredible amount of 26.5 billion dollars that Microsoft paid in 2016 for the right to own the service.

Impressive, isn't it? However, we feel the reader’s confusion about whether it is actually a social network or just a regular bulletin board with the words “looking for”. It’s not that difficult to explain. LinkedIn is a specialized business network focused on business development. Part of the strategy of any development implies the search for appropriate personnel, whether it’s currently needed specialists or investment partners. We should also remind you that any business is foremost an idea. Therefore, exchanging ideas with close colleagues is no less important. LinkedIn provides all these opportunities because the social network was built around these principles.

And since this is still a social network, it also has traditional mechanisms. This is why it makes all the sense in the world to do promotion. Next: how buying endorsements affects promotion.

Profile without buying endorsements is garbage

When a new user creates an account, he is unlikely to pay much importance to the “Skills” section. You should though since this is a key factor that forms the attitude of your page visitors to you as a specialist, among which there may be a potential employer. However, it’s not enough to come up with a list of skills with the range from a gynecologist to an astronaut.

Each skill must be confirmed by other users or companies. The more endorsements there are, the more confidence in you, as the owner of this skill, is. This is how you buy these positive reviews, which are called LinkedIn endorsements.

What buying LinkedIn skill endorsements affects

Buying endorsements has two influence vectors:

  • Psychological. It is human nature to trust the opinion of the majority. Therefore, the employer is most likely to choose the person who has more endorsements under his skills. And if among the people who endorsed you there is a specialist from the field where these skills can be used, then you just won the career lottery.
  • Ranking. The thing is that LinkedIn is still a social network with features inherent to traditional platforms. The ranking algorithm is one of them. Since users are primarily searched for by skills, it’s not surprising that the profile position in the list of search results is based on how much endorsements people buy. Thus, the more endorsements there are, the higher your profile will move in the list of possible candidates.

MRPOPULAR does it better

LinkedIn is a special social network. Intelligence and analytical skills rule here. This is why you can rest assured that even if you get found by chance, well, at least because of an interesting name, even in this case, your skill endorsements will be closely checked. There are a lot of buying endorsements offers, but they are mostly done by empty accounts. And as we already said, the quality of endorsements is no less important than the amount you buy. In other words, a confirmation for your skill from a popular user with the same professional interests costs more than a dozen ratings from bots.

This is why buying LinkedIn endorsements is a delicate matter and is quite different from similar processes on other social networks. MRPOPULAR understands it and takes it into account while fulfilling its obligations. While many companies just comply with the terms of the deal, only a few, including us, have at their disposal a lot of “real” LinkedIn accounts with a wide range of specializations. Having these tools let us guarantee you the service of buying skill endorsements that can bring truly impressive results.