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homeIMDBreview likes

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Buy IMDB review likes

How buying likes for IMDB reviews can help a starting director or film studio

IMDB is an online database containing millions of movies, series and shows. You can find from the most disastrous to the highest grossing products of the film industry here. Each film, show or series has its own rating set by the audience. Users also share their opinions by leaving their own reviews and liking others.

It is often difficult for aspiring filmmakers who make low-budget films to win over audiences. Even if their movie is interesting, due to the lack of famous actors and expensive special effects, they become unnoticed. What should they do in such case? They can try to buy likes on IMDB reviews.

How review likes help promote movies

You finished making a film and are preparing it for launch. You add it to various film catalogs and are waiting for its rating to grow. If there is a star on the cover of your movie or series, even if it’s not Hollywood level but well-known, then the chances of your project are very good. However, they are not available, the only thing left is to take the promotion of the film into your own hands. What can you do to do this?

For example, publish several reviews of the most popular films on the portal with hidden advertising of your own. Write something like, “Yes, The Shawshank Redemption is without a doubt a masterpiece. But then I came across The Name of Your Movie and realised that they are somewhat similar. Perhaps, it is the acting or the deep plot. Or am I wrong?” Such reviews will interest film fans and they will at least look for a description of your film and read it. If they like it, they will even watch it. But the problem is that there are tens of thousands of reviews under each famous film on the site. The chances that your comment will be noticed are negligible. To fix this, you can buy a boost of likes for your review and raise it to the TOP.

Now imagine what kind of traffic will flow to your movie or series if you post a dozen of such comments and buy likes for each of them! Considering that about 200 million people visit IMDB monthly, any of them can be interested in your product and contribute to its promotion.

What else would IMDB review likes be useful for?

You can order positive reviews for your own show, series or movie. And some of them, which seem to you the most genuine, can be brought to the top positions by buying cheap likes. Then any person who sees the description of your movie and wants to read the comments of other viewers will first see exactly those reviews that are liked.

Even if other opinions from real users or commissioned by your competitors contain negative information, they will be left behind the good ones. That is, first the page visitor will see positive comments and, based on them, will decide to watch your movie. If you don’t buy likes for positive reviews, then the negative ones can come forward and dissuade a potential viewer from watching your movie. And this is definitely not an option!

It is worth mentioning that if a movie is bad, poorly directed / edited, or it has simply bad acting, then buying promotion services won’t help it. Yes, it can boost it for a short while. But those real viewers, who will rush after you buy promotion services for your movie, will quickly understand what's what and fill it with negativity. Therefore, the most important thing is to make a high-quality film (series). Then any promotion will benefit it, be it advertising with huge budgets or inexpensive ads.

Where you can buy likes for reviews on IMDB

There are very few sites where such services are provided. One of the most effective is the MRPOPULAR service. It allows quickly boost likes for reviews on IMDB and select several quality options:

  • Low quality.
  • High quality.

The differences between the packages are in the quality of accounts from which the likes will be left under the reviews of viewers. To buy the promotion service, select the package you want, insert the link to the review, indicate the number of likes and pay for the service! It will be launched within 1 hour.