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homeIMDBreview dislikes

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Buy IMDB reviews dislikes

How to level negative comments by buying dislikes on IMDB reviews

On the Internet Movie Database, you can leave either positive or negative reviews for movies, series, and TV shows. If the former have a good effect on views, then the latter on the contrary not only scare away viewers, but also lower the rating. But it is worth noting that you cannot totally get rid of negative opinions. However, they can be pushed further away to the very bottom, if you buy some dislikes for them.

How dislikes on negative reviews can help retain viewers

Let's say a few people left negative comments on your movie. If they were supported by other users with likes (real or bought), then these opinions will be in the TOP and become a significant barrier between the movie and the audience. People will see that no one like this film and will not even try to see the movie for themselves not to waste their time. 70 or 80 percent will simply trust the reviews, and if they are negative, they will close the page and cross it off the list of movies for the evening.

To avoid such disastrous consequences, any negative comments need to be quickly disliked. Especially if they already have likes and chances of rising above other reviews. The IMDB portal takes into account both positive and negative reactions of users, ranking opinions in accordance with them. Comments with a large number of likes get to the TOP, while reviews with a lot of of dislikes move down, where they are much harder to find.

So, even if your film has collected a dozen negative opinions, you should not give up. All this negativity can be neutralized by buying cheap dislikes. Instead of negative comments, positive comments can be displayed at the top. To do this, we advise you to buy likes, but for the reviews you like.

How to beat a competitor and lure their audience to you

The film industry is a tough business where only sharks can survive. If a director or a film studio fail to naturally win the favor of the audience and the first places in the rating, they use artificial PR methods.

What are they? For example, buying dislikes on positive reviews left for a TV series, movie, or a competitor's show. You may be infuriated that some mediocre movie begins to grow in popularity, and no one notices your masterpiece. You can not only try to promote your film by buying promotion services, but also throw down the product of a competing studio. All you have to do is get rid of the most popular positive reviews of a competitor's movie. You can implement your plan by buying a lot of dislikes for such comments. As a result, they will be moved all the way down, where only a small part of the audience will be able to find them.

Also, in addition to adding dislikes on other people's reviews, you can order or write your own negative opinions, and then promote them to the TOP for everyone to see. Such actions will not only lower the rating of your competitor's movie or series, but also allow your own product to take its place if the rating difference was minimal. The competitor's viewers will pay attention to you and your work, and they will completely forget about the former. Of course, this method cannot be described as fair and honest, but in the world of show business, such solutions are popular and used by everyone.

Where you can buy dislikes for reviews on IMDB

If you are reading this text, then the question answers itself. After all, you are already on the site where you can buy dislikes for comments on IMDB. MRPOPULAR service offers its customers a choice of 2 service packages: low and high quality. Which package is right for you, decide for yourself! The difference is only in the quality of the profiles and the price.

After choosing a suitable plan, open its page and fill out the form! Insert a link to a comment that craves dislikes and indicate the number of them! Then you just have to add the order to the cart, not forget to pay for it, and wait for the work to begin. You can buy up about 15 dislikes per day, and the minimum amount is 25 units. Buy dislikes in 2 clicks with MRPOPULAR!