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Buy IMDb Ratings and Votes

How to buy IMDb ratings with votes and improve the rating of a movie

IMDb rating is a democratic rating of a movie. Many people think it makes it fairer. And that would be true if not for one very important thing. The judgment of most people is not 100% consistent with the quality of a movie because it is influenced by many factors, including political ones. In other words, one can buy ratings and votes for reasons other than simple promotion.

The fate of an Indian movie called Outlaw is a great example. To this day, it has the worst rating on IMDb. In a plot that is far from politics, they have accidentally mentioned the history of religion in neighboring Bangladesh, which outraged the Islamists of the neighboring state. Fortunately, they have decided to take revenge on the information field. Soon on social networks, the representatives of the Jamaat-i-Islami party issued a call to their supporters to take down the movie through votes. They’ve massively supported the initiative, which was the reason for its record low on IMDb.

Why are we talking about all of this? It is all for your better understanding of why you should buy IMDb ratings and votes. As you can clearly see from the example, this service is very important, and if you use this potential in the direction you need, you can achieve amazing results.

What buying IMDb ratings and votes is and what can it give you

To buy IMDb ratings is the process of rapidly increasing the number of positive or negative votes of a film.

IMDb rating has become a determining factor for most people in deciding what movie to watch. Yes, no one reads boring reviews of pretentious film critics before going to the cinema anymore. Especially when choosing a movie to watch online. Everyone cares only about IMDb rating, which has already become the integral part of advertising posters. Moreover, recommendation lists on movie sites and various online video services are based on the public rating of the Internet Movie Database. In other words, if you want as many people as possible to watch your movie / video content, you should try to raise the IMDb rating by all means.

But there are not that many tricks to do it. Two, to be exact. The first is to shoot films of the level of Cameron and Tarantino, the second is to buy IMDb votes and ratings.

By the way, speaking of those directors. MRPOPULAR is absolutely sure that if at the dawn of their film career they would have taken advantage of buying IMDb ratings and votes, then the public recognition would have come to them much earlier. Due to the relative novelty of the feature, they did not have this opportunity. But you do. Do not miss your chance.

How to raise IMDb rating

In fact, IMDb rating is the arithmetic mean of all user ratings of a movie. Everyone can rate a film on a scale of 1 to 10 while they sign up. 1 is considered a negative vote, 10 is positive. Points are added up and divided by the number of voters. The site admins have repeatedly noted and even boasted of their non-participation in the process of rating formation. This is probably good, but sometimes it can lead to extremes as in the example of the Indian movie. Nevertheless, this state of affairs makes it possible to buy ratings and votes.

Although the development team speaks of its complete non-involvement in the voting process, this does not necessarily mean that they do not monitor it. All their forces are directed at improving the security algorithm. Naturally, you can’t vote several times from one account, it has been like that for a while now. The current system for identifying cheaters is very sophisticated. Only after understanding its principles can you try to buy promotion services.

  • Votes from inactive accounts are not counted. In other words, if you want to buy many profiles for a one-time ratings and votes campaign, you won’t succeed. You will have to spend a month keeping them active. You will have to write reviews, view movie pages, etc. This is the only way to appear as an honest person for the security system.
  • IP addresses must match the profile. A frequent change of accounts that interact with the service while having the same address will seem suspicious, which can result in a ban.

As you can see, raising IMDb rating is almost impossible if you don’t buy votes. Especially if you want to do it fast since even the most enthusiastic promoter will have to spend more than a month to form a base of active accounts. Implying that the problem with masking the IP address has been resolved.

How MRPOPULAR does it

In a nutshell, our service of buying ratings and votes is quick and safe. However, behind this short answer lies a long and systematic process of preparing and maintaining more than a thousand IMDb accounts. For such a delicate and responsible process, we do not use mindless bots. Although the art of programming has progressed quite considerably lately, mistakes still occur.

They may lead to a completely different result, directly opposite to what you wanted. Such a situation may extremely negatively affect the fate of a newly released film, which will directly affect the career of its creator. This is why you should trust the professionals. Do you need to buy IMDb ratings and votes? Contact MRPOPULAR.