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Buy Tripadvisor reviews

How to boost Tripadvisor rating by buying reviews

Tourists tend to frequent sites related to travel. Tripadvisor is no exception with thousands of hotels and restaurants posting their offers here. More than 4 million users choose places to stay through this resource every month. The businesses that do not have a good reputation on this site lose hundreds of paying customers as domestic and foreign travelers.

Is there any way to improve a rating on TripAdvisor? Of course! This can be done either organically or by buying real reviews. The first option, albeit safer, takes too long. Dozens or even hundreds of opinions are needed to form a positive image within a tourist guide. Such an amount is rarely possible to get in a short period of time. Usually, it takes years, huge advertising costs, and bonuses for guests or visitors. The second option is much more efficient, faster and cheaper. We will talk about it in this article.

How reviews affect businesses listed on Tripadvisor

  • Form a positive company reputation.

Having good reviews can form a decent reputation for a location. When people write nice words about a hotel or a cafe, and not just one person does this, but dozens of people, this has a positive effect on its image. Even if these reviews are fake, who can prove it? Correctly composed texts that are similar to the opinions of real customers will not be identified as promotion even by the pros.

  • Focus the client's attention.

Let's say a business owner wants as many people as possible to use his promotion. He can compose a review in which the client talks about how good this promotion is, what it gave him, what advantages it has, etc. It is clear that you need to write something like this adequately from the point of marketing. The text should not be praising too much and it should look like it was written by a real human. After posting 2-3 such opinions, real customers will be interested in the promotion.

  • Attract an interested audience.

The more good reviews a location has, the more people will want to buy products or order a service from it. This principle is as old as time. The only difference is that before the Internet, people relied on the word of mouth. Now there are sites with recommendations.

  • Level out old negative opinions.

It happens that apart from one or two negative reviews, there is nothing else on a business page in TripAdvisor. No one will visit such a location after seeing such negativity. Positive opinions will help to block and neutralize negative opinions, which can be bought for cheap on MRPOPULAR. Good reviews will push out the bad ones far away till they simply cannot be seen.

Is it possible to get reviews on Tripadvisor without buying them

Of course, it is possible. The only question is whether you can do it so that a review remains published on the page of your location. This site has moderators and algorithms that identify ad reviews bought to artificially promote a business.

If a review is not written in a natural language and it has too much praise, it will be clear from its content alone that it was written by the business owner or a subordinate. Such opinions are not regarded as client's opinions and get removed instantly. There are other factors that the Tripadvisor moderators take into account. For example, IP addresses. If several reviews from allegedly different people are left from the same IP address, this means only one thing: they are bought, and very ineptly.

Of course, you can buy a lot of proxies and do it through them. But these are serious expenses, you need to learn how to use proxy servers, and you can’t know who used these addresses and for what purposes before. Perhaps they have already been used for Tripadvisor and have been logged there for a long time or even banned. If so, then all the reviews that will be published from them will be deleted.

Where you can order real reviews for Tripadvisor

In order to not waste precious time and resources, we advise you to buy reviews on the service of MRPOPULAR! You can order not only your prewritten review texts, but also write new ones if needed. Our review writers know how to properly write them for travel sites and do it very professionally.

In order to place an order, you need to insert a link to the page of your location on Tripadvisor into the field, indicate the number of reviews (from 5 minimum) and write down comments for writing opinions or write custom reviews yourself. Before that, you can choose how many stars will be assigned to your business within each review.

As soon as you add your order to the cart and pay for it, our employees will receive a notification, and within 24 hours the order will be started. You just have to wait until it is completed and check the published reviews on the site.