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Buy Steam Add to Wishlist

Buy add to wishlist on Steam as a way to promote your games

Steam wishlists are similar to favorites. This is where gamers add the games they want to purchase later. For example, at a discount or after saving up enough. A game can be added to a wishlist only when someone adds it there. This is how this kind of promotion is done: people buy additions to Steam wishlist. It allows you to promote a game for little money and at the same time increase the rating of a developer.

How to use the wishlist on Steam

Let's first look at this functionality through the eyes of a regular user. What do you need to do in order to add a game to your wishlist? Go on Steam, find a game, go to its page and click the "Add to your Wishlist" button.

To edit your wished for items on Steam, log in to your account, look in the Community and press the "Open my profile" button. On the right, just below the Game Statistics, there will be a link to the list. Click it, and you will be taken to the wishlist where you previously added your favorited games. When someone says they want to buy Steam wishlist, they mean exactly this list.

Once you get there, you can reprioritize your desired games. To do this, simply drag the items above / below the others or change their order.

You can remove a game or an add-on from your wishlist in one click. Next to the date of it being added to the list there is the "Delete" button. Use it if you are no longer interested in a product.

How useful it is to buy add to Steam wishlist for sellers

Let's say you just released a game on the market, and almost no one knows about it. You have created a product card in Steam and are waiting for orders. You only get one or two purchases per month. What to do? You should consider promoting your game by buying additions to wishlist.

You order a promotion and in a few days your product is added to the wishlists of thousands of users. Your rating is increasing, but that's not the main thing. This list can be seen not only by those who added something there, but also by everyone else. It depends on the privacy settings set in the profile: for everyone, for friends, or for you.

Thanks to buying add to Steam wishlist, a huge number of people will know about your game. How? They’ll see it in a wishlist if they like the preview, go to the product page, read the details, and then buy it or add it to their wishlist.

Wishlists on Steam are like word of mouth. One person adds, and dozens and hundreds of other users see it and do the same, at the same advertising the game.

Perhaps you may ask: will the promotion of buying add to wishlist on Steam help if the task is performed by bots? Yes! After all, these bots have a lot of friends among real users who once bought followers. Also, these profiles repost other people's posts and leave reviews. In any case, real Steam users pay attention to them, go to their pages and see the games and add-ons added to wishlists.

How else can a wishlist be useful for sellers and game developers? Steam can send out alerts to users who have added a game to their wishlist. This happens:

1. When a game leaves Early Access.

Let's say you published a game announcement on the Steam Community, but the game hasn't been released to the public yet. If someone adds it to their wishlist, and the game becomes available to everyone, they will receive a mail notification. This is how the promotion of adding to Steam wishlist brings profit. The people who wishlisted your game will be informed about its release and will be able to make a purchase.

2. When the seller organizes sales.

In order to remind everyone who added to wishlist about your product, you can organize a sale. After you enter info about the sale in the platform store, it will tell users that the game can now be bought for much cheaper. Sales + reminder = guaranteed sales growth. Do you still have doubts whether you should buy Steam wishlist? We believe that there should be no place them since the advantages and benefits are obvious!

Where is the best place to buy add to wishlist on Steam

Let us introduce you to our service, MRPOPULAR! Here you have the opportunity to order any social media services, including adding games to the wishlist.

Why us:

  • There are several service packages to choose from (differences in profile quality and price).
  • Express promotion options (up to 5000 additions per day).
  • A huge amount of knowledge in social media management and many years of experience.
  • The best promotion on Steam in terms of quality and cost.
  • The minimum number of additions is just one (good for testing).

Our experts have been studying the Steam gaming platform since its creation. That is why they know all the pitfalls, as well as ways to bypass them. This means that when our customers make an order for Steam, they can relax. Why? Because they are sure that there will be no negative consequences for their pages.

Any promotion of Steam add to wishlist with the help of MRPOPULAR guarantees no risks, especially when it comes to the high-quality package. After all, we are professionals in our field and will never endanger our customers’ profiles.

How long does it take to start the promotion? Of course, everything happens on a first-come, first-served basis. But the maximum wait time is no more than 24 hours. Even if we have a peak load and hundreds of orders, we will do our best to meet the deadline.

Is it possible to get additions to wishlist on Steam on your own without the help of our service? Yes, you will need a lot of trusted accounts on the platform, anonymization tools, and software that automates the additions. And all this requires considerable expenses and months of preparation. If you don’t want to wait, spend thousands of dollars and take risks, order promotion on MRPOPULAR!