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Buy YouTube Subscribers

Why buying subscribers on YouTube is as important as for any other social network

Many of you are surely aware of the increasing competition in social networks. Millions of creative people and their imitators are in a tough competition among themselves for the attention of a huge audience, which is then easily monetized. In fact, the number of new and interesting ideas naturally decreases, unlike the growing at an unreasonable pace army of bloggers. You can see this situation more clearly on YouTube than anywhere else. It is caused by both the popularity of the resource itself and the availability of effective tools for a decent income. The times where any talented person with a fresh idea would suddenly wake up famous, are far behind. And no matter how breakthrough and interesting your product (in the broad sense of the word) is, its popularization without an initial purchase of subscribers became almost impossible.

Most of those who have stepped on this difficult path of YouTube promotion understand it all well. Although, there are some little-known details that can bring down the entire planned strategy. The most dangerous thing is not knowing and not understanding the community for which the video is made for. And those who are sure that their content completely meets the needs of their target audience in most cases have their wishes unfulfilled. The point here is not to feel your potential viewers, MRPOPULAR claims that it is simply impossible to absolutely guess what a community wants. At least due to the fact that it is not at all a group of the same people, but it consists of individuals with a unique spectrum of preferences. You may be surprised, but the indicated problem is also easily and elegantly solved if you buy YouTube subscribers. Imagine that you only need the crucians from a variety of fish in the pond. You can collect a bucket of this delicious fish only by sorting out the whole rich catch. It is provided exactly by buying YouTube subscribers. In other words, you can’t just throw the bait and pray to catch only the crucian, you should be catching on an industrial scale. The net for such a useful activity will be happily provided to you by MRPOPULAR.

Subscribers is the main capital of a blogger on YouTube

It's no secret that to sell your product or promote an idea you need to introduce it to as many people as possible. This is an axiom that does not require proof. But in the world of YouTube, buying a large number of subscribers has much more meaning. And there are reasons for that:

  • Ranking. A video released by a user with a bigger amount of subscribers takes the first place on the search and recommendation list of unsubscribed users. Naturally, some of them will be interested in the rest of the author’s videos. Thus, we have a “snowball” effect: new fans are attracted because of the large number of the old ones.
  • Psychology. Human psychological attitudes, or more precisely instincts, play the main role here. The fact is that people are more willing to trust those who have more supporters. This is clearly seen in real life in the case of some politicians, whose power rests solely on such “effects”. A good illustration can also be an example of queues in shopping centers. When initially uninterested in buying people come up to see what product attracted so many people’s attention. In other words, in this case the principle is present as well: when you buy subscribers, you attract new ones by doing this. And the more you buy, the faster your audience grows.
  • Monetization. This point is the easiest to explain. If you buy a lot of subscribers on YouTube, your channel is easier to be seen by advertisers. So you have every chance of becoming a promoter of a product, and for a short mention of it in your video you can get a decent fee. Also, by having a large audience you’ll get advertising payments from YouTube itself.

What you should and what you shouldn’t do to self-promote on YouTube

So, for now you decided not to use our promotion services. It is your right, moreover, any person with a critical mindset will do the same. After all, the rule “you never know until you try” is paramount for such people. The vocation of MRPOPULAR is to help people promote themselves in any way possible. In addition, it would be dishonest to keep silent about the fact that the following material will eventually push you to work with our company, since it truly describes all the problems of self-promotion on YouTube. After you are convinced of our sincerity, we are ready to welcome our new client.

There aren’t many methods for self-promotion on YouTube, and their efficiency leaves much to be desired. Judge for yourself. How are you going to ask a random user who hasn’t seen any of your videos to subscribe to your channel? Will you DM them? Such messages, no matter what language they are written in, are at best skipped by people, at worst, they block the sender.

However, if you are a little more intricate and much more straightforward, you can try spamming links in the comments below the videos from famous bloggers. But you shouldn’t forget that popular personalities consider themselves to be a separate privileged caste ruling in the open spaces of YouTube, because of which they show much more intolerance to such actions of plebeians. Therefore, in most cases your spam will be immediately blocked along with your account. And it’s a miracle if your account doesn’t get reported.

Sharing a link to your video with a subscription offer via other social networks can be more or less effective. The effectiveness of such an action again depends on the amount of subscribers you have on those platforms. If your audience is large there, then you have a decent chance, which cannot be said about those who are just starting to use social networks as an advertising channel.

What we offer

If you are reading this article, then we dare to assume that you have already looked at the list of options offered by Google on the topic of “buy YouTube subscribers”. Without going into details, you were probably first surprised at its length. There are a lot of offers of promotion on social networks and we are sure that only a small number of services from this list are fully aware of the dangers of the most common methods of automatic buying of subscribers. The thing is that a considerable percentage of such unreliable organizations use a variety of bots and inactive fake accounts.

This approach almost always leads to a ban of your newly created channel. This sad incident can be compared to a fail during a launch of the most modern spaceship whose mission was to reach the farthest reaches of outer space. We offer you a guaranteed and secure way of how to buy YouTube subscribers. Such a bold statement is completely founded. For a long time, we have accumulated considerable experience and acquired enormous resources, including thousands of active accounts on YouTube. This, as well as our unique promotion techniques, make us stand out from the majority. Contact us, we’ll be glad to help you!