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Buy Soundcloud Plays

Promoting a track? Then buying Soundcloud plays is what you need!

Soundcloud is steadily gaining popularity among music lovers, musicians, and basically everyone who is in any way related to the music industry. And if you don’t know it already, any modern artist begins his career with the help of this service. This online music platform is a perfect tool to introduce your music to thousands of people. And the most interesting thing is that with the correct promotion, even those who do not have a Soundcloud account will hear your track. But to achieve this, you will definitely need to buy Soundcloud plays.

In other words, if you are a beginning musician, you should definitely include the costs of buying plays in the budget of your album promotion. However, you can try to increase the number of plays under your track yourself. Although to be honest, Soundcloud has much less tools for this than other social networks. We’ll talk about self-promotion without buying plays below, but for now let’s recall what Soundcloud is and what its undeniable advantages in promoting music actually are.

How can Soundcloud help?

If you are a beginning musician, talented performer, producer, mixing engineer, etc. then you just need a Soundcloud account. In this music platform’s community, you can find work, producers, colleagues, and much more. Do not forget that there a lot of professionals on Soundcloud, so you have a good chance to find a job in the music industry. Speaking specifically of the beginner performers, you can’t do anything without buying plays. It is the counter under your track that determines its popularity, making it stand out of the competition.

Successful musicians, who have successfully sold their music for a long time, can benefit from buying Soundcloud plays as well. The logic is simple here: the higher your track rises in the music platform’s charts, the more people will hear it. As a result, more people will want to buy your album.

Soundcloud features

In fact, this music platform is being developed and steadily growing with new users only because it was created by professional musicians from Sweden. They, like no one else, perfectly understand the needs of their colleagues. A huge army of music lovers joined the project later. But initially, Soundcloud was conceived as a platform for musicians to communicate. It was its extraordinary creators who endowed the service with unique features that the larger social networks could not reproduce. Here are some of them:

  • Unique URL for each track. Such a seemingly simple feature is great for buying Soundcloud plays and promoting your music. After all, this address can be easily inserted into a blog or shared through other social networks. In addition to this, any address can be embedded in a special widget that will make your site look better. Here's the answer to the question of how people who don’t have a Soundcloud account can hear your tracks.
  • Open API is another way to promote your music among people who don’t have an account on Soundcloud. Open API allows integration with other third-party services. Applications with integrated Soundcloud allow you to listen to music directly on the platform, as well as upload tracks on Soundcloud directly from your phone. If you don’t buy Soundcloud plays, people simply won’t be able to find your tracks.
  • Only Soundcloud has a unique comment feature for specific track moments. You can point out a mistake directly to the musician with it.
  • Communication. There are subscriptions with notifications, comments, and private messages available on the platform as well. Moreover, you can add musical responses to the last two. Such feature can significantly speed up any promotion without buying Soundcloud plays.

Self-promotion without buying plays

In order to self-promote without buying Soundcloud plays, first of all, you should get a lot of free time and save some patience. For only these two elements will allow you to be active for hours in this musical social network. If you are ready for such a change in your daily routine, then let’s move on.

If you want to use every free minute on improving your talent, then here is a tip for you — contact MRPOPULAR right away. We know for sure how much time of a beginning musician costs, and this is why we have learned to save it for you. But if you still want to try self-promotion, here are some tips.

An undoubted advantage of Soundcloud, which may help you avoid buying plays, is the complete freedom of posting in groups. There are no concepts of a “private group” or “moderator”. Anyone can join a group and post their track on the feed.

That’s why right after making an account you should start searching for big and popular groups that are most relevant to your music genre or interests. Just pay attention to your reputation. It determines whether people will work with you in the future or at least follow your account. Once you find the groups that fit your plans, it's time to do the actual work.

Put likes on all tracks from these groups, quickly get involved in discussions, leave comments preferably followed by music tracks, and answer all questions from your followers. You can even DM your classmates to listen and rate your track. In this case, you can count on a decent promotion without buying Soundcloud plays, and as a result, your progress towards the upper class of Soundcloud.

How MRPOPULAR will save you from this monotonous work

Most of you, having read the paragraph above, probably crumpled upon thinking of doing this monotonous work. Yes, it is necessary. If you’ve firmly decided on doing self-promotion without buying Soundcloud plays, then get ready to take the time from your work, rehearsals, and thoughts about your future career. So let everyone do their own thing!

Moreover, if you entrust the promotion to us, it will not cost a lot of money. Each penny you spend on buying plays will move your track to the top of the charts. Trust us, we have a lot of experience in promoting on social networks and can guarantee excellent results. This is why contact us on the MRPOPULAR website, and we’ll do everything so that you can concentrate only on your art!